Icons of Fright Teams Up With “Netflix For Horror” SCREAMBOX.COM To Give Readers FREE Subscriptions!!

Have you ever surfed through your Netflix queue, looking for horror films and thought to yourself, “What if there was a site like Netflix, but ENTIRELY devoted to the horror genre?”? Well, fright fanatics, that is where Screambox.com enters the picture, proudly boasting a growing collection of horror films for every type of horror lover (Apartment 4E, Masters of Horror: ProLife, Cold Prey, Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians are just a few titles that were added just today). With sections devoted to serial killers, extreme horror, supernatural, psychological and many more, Screambox is looking to give horror fans what they want: an unending supply of all things gruesome.

You can try Screambox.com for free for your first 30 days (click on the banners on the IOF main page to check it out to give it a try), But….all of us at Icons love to go the extra mile, and we’ve partnered with the folks at Screambox to give out (5) 6-month subscriptions, and (5) YEAR LONG subscriptions FOR FREE, to a handful (or two handfuls I guess) of loyal readers who would love to spend hour after hour watching everything from MASTERS OF HORROR episodes, to the HELLRAISER films and many more in between. Personally, it doesn’t get better than this, so even if we weren’t partnering up with them, it’d be something I’d be the first to check out (I’ve subscribed already myself).


So, by all means, checkout Screambox.com, sing up for a free 30-day trial, OR try your hand at the following:


Do the following:

1.) “Like” the Icons of Fright Facebook Page, Follow the IOF Twitter Page and either SHARE this contest on FB or RT it on Twitter.

2.) Send proof to us HERE. That’s it!

We’ll be choosing winners for the next two weeks, so enter and good luck!

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