Icons of Fright Interview With FRIGHT RAGS’ Ben Scrivens!!



Mention Fright Rags to any horror fan, and chances are they not only know what you’re talking about, but if you check their closet, it’s more than likely that it’s probably full of the awesome t-shirts that the gang at FR have put out over the last few years. The amount of time put into giving horror fans some of the coolest horror film-inspired designs, with everything from CREEPSHOW to HALLOWEEN and hell, even MISERY thrown in for good measure. Fright Rags is by far the leading company when it comes to horror apparel, and rightfully so. Their presence has been massive at horror conventions and their shirts have been on everything from 30 ROCK to THIS IS THE END.

With a brand new collaboration between Fright Rags and EC Comics happening (check out our coverage on that), we thought it’d be fun to reach out to Fright Rags’ head honcho, Ben Scrivens, and ask him a bit about the collab, as well as other things related to what Ben and Co. are doing. Read on!


There’s a huge level of love for the genre that is obvious by the quality of shirts that you put out. What was the genesis of Fright Rags?, was it to put out stuff that you as a fan would want?

The main reason I started Fright-Rags was because I was bored at my day job (as a graphic designer for a laptop bag company). It was a good job, but I wanted something to do to let off some creative steam. Being a life-long horror fan, it was a no-brainer that I turned to that as inspiration. So i came up with some interesting looking designs (the first was WWJasonD?), but I didn’t know what to do with them. I was also a fan of weird/offbeat shirts and realized that I did not have any horror related shirts. While I did see some on the market, it wasn’t something I wanted to wear, so I figured I’d try my designs out on shirts. So yeah, it was basically to make stuff that I wanted to wear…and luckily others did as well!

The recent announcement of your partnership with EC Comics for a trio of shirts based on certain comics caused a lot of fans to jump in joy, so to speak, what led to such an awesome collaboration?

That was one I had been working on for about 6-7 years. When I first contacted them, the idea was shot down because another company had the license. So I would check in every 6 months or so and either get another “no” or no response at all. I let it rest for a couple years, and then some time in early 2013, I sent another email and lo and behold, I heard back from someone else there who was interested. To be honest, I’m glad it took that long because we were in a better position to create something truly cool and unique than we would have several years ago. So really, it came at a perfect time and I’m very happy to be working with them.

Fright Rags has such a presence at horror conventions, what about horror cons really resonates with you? Is it the one on one feeling of meeting fans of your work?

Horror conventions are like coming home to me. Growing up, I only had a couple close friends who enjoyed horror like I did. Now with Fright-Rags, I am able to connect with people across the globe that have the same passion for it. But nothing really compares to being in the presence of those people for an entire weekend. People from all walks of life, all gathered together based on their love of the horror genre. It’s just so great and inspiring. The cherry on top is meeting customers who i have only seen as names on a computer screen or order sheet. To me, they are the celebrities because they are the ones who allow us to do what we do. Plus, it never gets old seeing people in our shirts at shows. It honestly never ceases to amaze me because I know those people made a conscious decision to put on a specific shirt that morning, and they picked one from us. I will never take that for granted.

What are the chances of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES fans getting a Fright Rags collab?

Hmmm…that would be an interesting collab. We really haven’t dealt a lot with anything “true crime” related, but I could see doing an Unsolved Mysteries logo shirt.

You guys have put out some of the best horror shirts around, and it’s very apparent how much you not only listen to but care about the kinds of shirts that fans want. As a horror fan yourself, is there a dream movie that you’d love to put out but haven’t had the chance to yet?

That’s a tough one… I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with so many of my favorite movies (John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN ranks at the top for me), but I can say that I would love to sink my teeth into the Universal Monsters. I think we could have some fun with those!


For more info and to pre-order the amazing EC Comics shirts, check out Fright Rags by visiting their official site!