Natty’s Five Horror Films To Get You Stoked For Halloween!

Oh, mid-September. The Halloween décor is creeping up on us, the candy corn is flowing like cheap vodka at a bachelorette party, and the biggest decision in your life is what costume to wear. True, the temperatures (if you are living in certain parts of California) are in the hundreds, and not very Halloween or fall-like whatsoever, but we’re currently less than a week away from the fall season, and that favorite time of year is in our hearts. So,..that means it is time to kick off the season with some classic films that are guaranteed to give us horror fans the excitement we need to speed up the coming of October. I thought I’d kick things off with my 5 FILMS TO GET YOU STOKED FOR HALLOWEEN!!!





There are quite a few reasons why CREEPSHOW is an excellent choice to get you stoked for Halloween. Mostly because of it being the love child of both Stephen King AND George A. Romero. They go perfectly together like fried chicken and a biscuit. What makes CREEPSHOW so great and Halloween-like, is the fact that it has everything from zombies who make Father’s Day cakes from severed heads, to various other awesome things, such as Stephen King in sexy overalls and moss all over himself, Ted Danson as a zombie, a beast in a crate that eats people (especially if they have a curly mullet), and cockroaches, COCKROACHES!!! .

You also get extra points if you read the graphic novel, along with watching the movie. No? Am I the only one that does that? Oh well.  CREEPSHOW is one of those films that you probably loved as a kid, and still watch as an adult because it holds up perfectly, and is still pretty awesome. Speaking of movies you loved as a kid, that you should still continue watching as a grown up…




Oh yes. There’s no way in hell that I could leave this one out. Of course you probably watched it a million times as a child, and thanks to special edition DVDs and Blurays, you probably still do. We probably could (and still do) relate to Sean, and would have (and still will) kill for his Stephen King Rules shirt. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this film. Age old pieces of wisdom, such as realizing that Dracula is pretty much a dick, I mean really, first he tries to take the amulet and then calls sweet, innocent Phoebe a bitch. Not cool, man. Frankenstein’s monster is cool as hell, and I dare you not to cry when he has to tell Phoebe bye. Of course, even though it was questioned at first, THE MONSTER SQUAD also confirmed the fact that the Wolfman indeed, does have nards. Nothing gets you pumped for Halloween like seeing your favorite movie monsters all together in one film, and THE MONSTER SQUAD is one of those films that even after all of these years, is  still fun and hilarious.

No matter your age, we can all agree that this film goes great with a big ass bowl of Count Chocula….but being an adult means not having to hear your Dad bitch at you for eating the entire box, and only leaving him Boo Berry.

HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (2003)

HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (2003)


Woo! Dr. Satan! Another movie to get the Halloween juices flowing is of course, a movie set in 1970s Halloween! With HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, you either love it, or despise it (I’m looking at you, Jerry). One of the things that makes this a great Halloween film, is that unlike the revenge-western feel of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES shows a really dark and gloomy side of the holiday. Of course, you could be amazing and just watch both as one movie, where half is the most random thing of all time, and the second half is a ’70s action/exploitation film.

Any way you do it, you can admit there is just something about the roller coaster that is HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES that makes it fun to watch. It has your typical dumb ass kids getting lost in the middle of nowhere element, paired with a lunatic, murdering family, and of course random clips throughout the film that made little sense. But somehow, it works. It is a great introduction to the characters we end up feeling sorry for, and also rooting for by the end of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, and it all started with this fascinating little movie that is a perfect Halloween-season warm up.




First off, we should all acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the Silver Shamrock masks are pretty much the coolest things ever. And the song from the commercial will enter your mind and haunt you for weeks after viewing it. Ok. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can move on. So this film is not only a great Halloween-time film, but just a great film to watch anytime of the year.

It has such a creepy Halloween season vibe to it, revolving around an evil company wanting to mess with children on Halloween night? That is worse and more fucked up than a giant from Haddonfield impaling horny teenagers (which is equally awesome). This film, in my opinion, is so classic, that it should be mandatory to help kick off any celebration you may be preparing. Actually, watch any of the HALLOWEEN films to prepare for the best holiday of all time. Except for HALLOWEEN 6, avoid that at all costs.




Although it is a fairly new film, TRICK ‘R TREAT has amazed many a horror fan, and helped set the mood for October that only a great horror film could do. It somehow brings everything Halloween is about to life, and does it in such a way that is entertaining, and mind blowing at the same time. There is adorable Sam, who will murder the shit out of you for being a dud. Kids getting eaten by zombies, kids drowning, and a kid who becomes a human Jack–o-lantern. Oh, and of course, sexy werewolves.

The greatest thing about it, is how every single story is connected into one big tale. It’s kind of like CREEPSHOW, but on crack. Since my very first viewing of TRICK ‘R TREAT, I have found it impossible to kick off, or live through the Halloween season without giving this one at least two viewings. I mean, this film just absolutely bleeds all things Halloween, and definitely doesn’t fail at representing a horror fans favorite holiday.

What are some of your favorite horror films that help kick off the season for you? Let us know!


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  1. Heath says:

    i have to disagree with you on HALLOWEEN 6. H6 is a great movie. It has the tone and feel and atmosphere of late October and Halloween. H20 or Resurrection, i couldn’t tell you if that was a Halloween movie if it wouldn’t be for Michael.

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