Team Behind THE INVOKING/THE DEVICE Team Up With GUT Director To Produce “A.”; AMERICAN MARY’S Tristan Risk To Star

Tristan Risk *courtesy of Black Opal Images
Tristan Risk
*courtesy of Opal Images

The October People, the team behind both THE INVOKING and the upcoming film THE DEVICE are┬ádoing a hell of a job making really entertaining independent films that make up for any budget issues with very solid storytelling. I absolutely loved both THE INVOKING (a psychological horror film that really showcased some impressive acting from leading man D’angelo Midili) and THE DEVICE (review), both of which were made within the group led by Matt Medisch, John Portanova and Jeremy Berg. Already showing a huge amount of potential as filmmakers themselves, the group isn’t stopping there, having recently acquired the festival award winning film FOUND (released this month by XLrator Media), as well as now announcing a co-production deal with GUT director Elias’s Clayface Pictures to produce “A.

Set to be directed by Elias, from an original script, the film has already signed on AMERICAN MARY‘s lovely Tristan Risk and well as GUT star Nicholas Wilder to star in the film, which is gearing up to be shot late Spring of 2015.

“A.” centers on Elton, a man plagued by visions of his dead 4-year-old sister, which pull him deeper into a world where his obsession brings her back to life as an adult woman with dire consequences.

Elias’ script grabbed us right away with its personal style and dark, vivid imagery,” says producer Matt Medisch, “We’re thrilled to help him bring his vision to the screen.

I’m really happy to be working with Matt, John and Jeremy,” tells Elias, “We have a lot in common, not only with our love for films, but how we make them, and you can’t ask for more than that.


"A." concept art
“A.” concept art
"A." concept art
“A.” concept art
"A." Concept Art
“A.” Concept Art

For more information on the film, visit “A.” ‘s Facebook page.

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