VIDEO: Icons of Fright Attends LOST TIME Premiere; Interviews With Rochelle Vallese, Derek Mears, Robert Davi

lost-time-poster-2Sci-Fi/Horror hybrid LOST TIME had its premiere this past Wednesday, and I,along with fellow Icons of Fright staffer Natty, went to check it out. It was quite the busy afternoon/evening, but stars of the film Rochelle Vallese, Robert Davi and Derek Mears  were all nice enough so sit down for a bit to discuss the film before the screening.

Check out the video below and by all means, watch LOST TIME when it hits VOD on September 19th via Gravitas Features.

*Be sure to look out for a screening attendee who didn’t realize an interview was taking place and sat right behind us, funny stuff 🙂 


The film itself was a lot of fun, the kind of genre film that doesn’t feel the need to explain every single thing, leaving the audience to determine what they think. Personally, I miss the times when more films were like LOST TIME, ambitious and full of character. It’s a very emotionally charged film, full of great performances by everyone involved, especially the film’s lead/producer, Rochelle Vallese. It takes a lot to make a Sci-Fi film that relies just as much on emotion as it does F/X, and Vallese really anchors the film.

After the film premiered, I moderated a special Q&A with the cast, along with director Christian Sesma, who explained being somewhat inspired to make the film by 80’s Sci-Fi/Horror, as well as 1993’s FIRE IN THE SKY. Sesma’s own father was there, and during the Q&A, gave a pretty great story regarding witnessing a real-life UFO encounter when Christian was a kid and how cool and proud he was to see his son make a film like LOST TIME, which was dedicated to Sesma’s late mother.



LOST TIME hits VOD on September 19th via Gravitas Features.

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