“D-Day Of The B-Movies” Event Returns To Burbank’s Dark Delicacies; Impressive List of Attendees

Delirium Magazine #4

Delirium Magazine #4

The last time Charles Band and co. brought their “D-Day of the B-Movies” signing to Burbank’s Dark Delicacies, fans showing up to snag a signed copy of the then newly released third issue of Delirium Magazine (a joint collaboration between band and Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander), were treated to appearances by TRANCERS stars Tim Thomerson and Megan Ward, as well as writers/actors/directors like C. Courtney Joyner (TRANCERS III, LURKING FEAR), Dave Parker (THE HILLS RUN RED) and many others.

The event is headed back to Dark Delicacies on September 27th for the release of Delirium Magazine #4, and this time, Band is bringing along some new faces!

Appearing: Nivek Ogre (REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, MURDERBALL, singer of SKINNY PUPPY),  Mindy Robinson (KING OF THE NERDS, V/H/S 2 , GINGERDEADMAN VS. EVIL BONG),  Mick Garris (HOCUS POCUS (Writer), MASTERS OF HORROR (Writer/ Creator), STEPHEN KING’S SLEEPWALKERS (Director),  David DeCoteau (director SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, PUPPET MASTER 3 and 9, founder of RAPID HEART PICTURES),  Axelle Carolyn  (director, SOULMATE, actress, DOOMSDAY, CENTURION),  Chris Alexander  (Editor-in-Chief of FANGORIA, GOREZONE, and of course DELIRIUM MAGAZINE), and  Charles Band (PUPPET MASTER, Full Moon founder and director of TRANCERS, BLOOD DOLLS).

With that already impressive list of guests, more will be added next week, so stay tuned!

Personally, I’m pretty excited for not only the signing (which sounds like a great time), but for the fourth issue of Delirium as well. There’s a nifty interview with Tim Thomerson, which was conducted by some super awesome guy..ok, it’s just me, but still, I’m excited. I’ll be there ready to pick up a few copies for myself, so if any of you fright fanatics are looking for something to do, head over to Dark Delicacies on the 27th and join the party!

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