Blood and Surrealism Front and Center In First Trailer For Jose Prendes Serial Killer Film THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES!!



The Jose Prendes (THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE)-helmed “existentialist serial killer film on crack” film, THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES, has been gaining a lot of buzz over the last few months. With genre favorites such as Ken Foree, Barbara Crampton, Sean Whalen and Lynn Lowry joining a cast that already included actor/producer Jon Kondelik and THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE star Graham Denman as the murderous half-brothers that the film revolves around, the hype machine began before a single shot was executed. Fellow Icons of Fright staffer Natty and I both were lucky enough to visit the set during the filming of what could only be described as a bold and visually engrossing scene, and it was clear from the beginning that Prendes and Co. wanted to make THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES something a bit more than just your typical genre film.

Today, the first official trailer for the film hit the internet, and judging from said trailer, Prendes definitely made the film he set out to. Check it out!




It looks like one hell of a surreal film, a look into the minds of murderers, and let’s be honest here,  how intense are Jon Kondelik and Graham Denman in the trailer? Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you fright fanatics, but this was already high on my list of films to watch, and this trailer just made me that much more anxious to see what carnage Prendes has up his sleeve for horror fans.

THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES is current being submitted to film festivals all over, and is shooting for a 2015 release. For more info, visit the film’s official Facebook  and Twitter pages.

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