Beyond Fright -The Ramones & White Zombie Do THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!!

Photo (2)On the previous Beyond Fright entry, I wrote about The Huntingtons’ “Let’s Go to Haddonfield“, a song that was written about John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. For this one, I decided to focus on two songs that went in the direction of somewhere else, that place being Texas.  Full of heat, barbecue and some good ol’ fashioned murder by chainsaw. In celebration of Dark Sky Films’ upcoming re-release of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (it looks great), this Beyond Fright article isn’t focused on one song, but two, both giving listeners a fun time.



r1Taken from The Ramones’ 1976 self titled debut album, the fifth track, “Chain Saw” begins with a chainsaw revving, before going into a song about, well,..THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Even the chorus says. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre too my baby away from me, she’ll never get out of there“.  “Chain Saw” wasn’t the last time the band would reference horror films, as they later wrote “Pet Semetary” about the Stephen King novel/Mary Lambert film. What makes “Chain Saw” so great, is that like a lot of the Ramones’ stuff, the tempo and the style of Joey’s vocals get you movie, almost to the point of not even really paying attention to the lyrics, so if you’ve just heard a song like “Chain Saw” for the first time, and you finally tune your ears into picking up the lyrics, you wonder why the hell you didn’t catch it the first dozen times you listened to the song. Check out this cartoon, featuring the Ramones taking a trip to Texas and coming face to face with the Saywers, and..playing Pong with them?

It’s a very fun song, and makes the already amazing debut album even that much better. I’m a huge Ramones fan, if you couldn’t tell by the recent Johnny Ramone Tribute coverage that Natty and I both did, as well as last week’s Beyond Fright article on The Huntingtons, which are about as close to the real thing as one could possibly get. If you haven’t yet, do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy of the first Ramones album and experience history in the making, it’s that damned good.


r2The second song regarding THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE comes from Rob Zombie and company, with White Zombie’s Real Solution #9, taken from their 1995 Astro-Creep:2000 record. While White Zombie (and later on, just Rob) always dabbled in using sound bits from films that they adored, Real Solution #9 actually used THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE‘s tagline on repeat, during the song’s verses. The “Who will survive and what will be left of them” chanting in the song drills into your head like a ritual, staying there, and making your day incredibly hard, due to having it suck in your head for HOURS. The rest of the song is a lot of fun too, but it’s that identifiable verse lyrics that instantly invoke the carnage that the Sawyer family bestowed on Sally Hardesty, along with Franklin and the rest of the gang.

See what I mean? The verses get lodged in their, almost as much as the actual TCM films does upon experiencing it for the first time. It’s a standout track from that album (comes close but still can’t beat that EPIC album opener, “Electric Head Part One: The Agony“). When I saw White Zombie play at the Salem Armory in Salem, Oregon, both Electric Head Part One and Real Solution #9 were nothing short of being perfect, full of a visual atmosphere and some gnarly explosions. Great stuff to say the least.

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