RIP: Universal’s House Of Horrors

Well, as of yesterday, September 1st, for reasons still unknown, Universal Studios in Hollywood, California has shut down their popular House Of Horrors attraction at their theme park. We first got wind of these plans via an article posted over on Inside Universal, which was later confirmed. One of the spotlight’s of the theme park is their annual Halloween Horror Nights (which kicks off September 19th this year), so why they would shut down their tribute maze to all the classic horror monsters that MADE their studio this close to the Halloween season is a baffling mystery. But alas, rather than focus on the negatives of this decision and the rumors that they’re clearing the space for even more (terribly expensive &) terrible food options, I got a few friends together and decided to head through the maze one last time.

For as far back as I can remember, the House Of Horrors is always both the first and last thing I do when I visit the theme park. It’s the only attraction I go out of my way to walk through twice on every visit. Maybe it’s the convenience of having it right as you enter (and leave) the park? Or maybe it’s just the monster kid in me wants to see all my favorite icons that I grew up with. The maze was set up as a walk through of all of Universal’s classic horror films. So you’d pass through several walled tombs of mummies, or stroll through the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein with the “Bride” awaiting her resurrection, or you’d race through the fruit cellar of PSYCHO, or the toy factory where multiple Chucky dolls would attempt to attack you. You’d have to avoid the Wolfman and Frankenstein on your way out. And all through this, there’d be costumed actors/performers waiting in the dark patches of each room to lunge out and scare the absolute crap out of you. I loved ever darned second walking through that maze and of all the fun things there are to do at Universal’s theme park (including The Simpsons ride and Transformers), the House Of Horrors is where I gleefully felt right at home. For this last go round, I went with Jimmy-O from JoBlo & Arrow In The Head, my friends AJ Bowen, Chris Tsambis and Courtney King. Here’s a few snapshots of that last time as a tribute to such a wonderful attraction.

Universal theme park will never be the same without it.


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