Beyond Fright: THE HUNTINGTONS’ “Let’s Go To Haddonfield”!!

Who doesn’t love the Ramones? It’s almost blasphemy to not have some sort of admiration or at least respect for the punk rock pioneers, and like the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While I have been a fan of The Ramones for most of my life, there was a period in my late teens/early adult years in which the Joey and the boys weren’t really releasing all that much. Enter the Maryland punk rock band, The Huntingtons. Started in the mid ’90’s, The Huntingtons took up the Ramones mantle and ran with it, putting out a continual output of albums and even performing as Joey Ramone’s backing band for a couple of shows as well. They wore matching jeans, black shirts and leather jackets. They picked up the “1-2-3-4!” and sped through a double digit amount of songs in record speed, there was always a very fun and energetic feeling to the band.


Recorded for their “Get Lost” album,  but left off of that record (even in the linear notes, the song’s lyrics are scratched out), The Huntingtons tackled John Carpenter’s horror classic (and my favorite film of all time) HALLOWEEN with “Let’s Go to Haddonfield!“, a song that begins with the infamous (and constantly misquoted) line from the film “It WAS the boogeyman”..before jumping right into a fast paced, punk rock tune about the events of the film. The song was eventually released on both a split ep with fellow punk rock band, The Darlingtons, as well as on The Huntingtons’ “Punk Sounds” album as well.

While there was never an official music video for the song, this gem of a mix, featuring clips from the film as well as live footage of The Huntingtons, really adds a cool feel to the song. Check it out!

It’s a pretty fun song about what I consider the best film of all time, and plus any band that Joey Ramone gave his stamp of approval is good in my book.

As an added bonus, here’s a music video for The Huntingtons’ “No Pool Party Tonight” track from their “Get Lost” album. If you look closely, you might see an eighteen year-old me in that crowd.

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