Trailer For THE PYRAMID Bypasses Typical Mummy Adventure; Looks Scary As Hell!

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This is one I’m very excited about, fright fanatics. The trailer for 20th Century Fox’s THE PYRAMID (hitting theaters on December 5th) dropped today, and not only does it mark the feature directorial debut of longtime Alexandre Aja writing partner Grégory Levasseur (the two co-wrote HIGH TENSION, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, MANIAC and others together), but it looks like it could very well be the first badass mummy film in ages. We’re not talking about Brendan Fraser being a lesser Indiana Jones in this one, no, judging from the creepy as hell trailer, Levasseur’s goal isn’t just to entertain, but to scare the crap out of you. Check it out!

 “The ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who’ve dared to uncover their secrets.  But a team of U.S. archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren’t just trapped, they are being hunted.”

I really love how the typical quick-cut, MTV style of trailers isn’t prevalent in THE PYRAMID‘s trailer. Instead, we’re taken back to old school trailers, with ominous voice-overs, and showing just enough to hook the viewer into wanting to see it. Plus, the cast of Ashley Hinshaw(CHRONICLE, PLUS ONE), Denis O’Hare (TRUE BLOOD), and James Buckley (THE INBETWEENERS) is refreshing, showing that Levasseur and Aja (who produced this time around) were more interested in finding good actors to fill the parts, instead of just casting big names to fill seats. I’m on board, when THE PYRAMID hits theaters on December 5th, what about you fright fanatics?

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