Trailer Alert! Amityville: The Awakening!

There have been countless Amityville themed & inspired movies, sequels, reboots, knock-offs, so on and so forth. And with the sudden resurgence of spooky-filled haunted house thrillers kicked off by the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise and continued with the success of INSIDIOUS and THE CONJURING, it was only a matter of time before a major studio returned to the one that started them all! AMITYVILLE HORROR!

AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, this Weinstein Company “official” sequel/reboot has been in the works for quite a long time. So much so that the Asylum beat them to the punch with their found-footage style Amity-rip-off THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING back in 2012 when this was originially slated to come out. But alas, they waited for the right script and director, dropped the tired found-footage again (thankfully) and are ready to unleash the evil of this infamous house in January of 2015! And here’s the first trailer!


The pros? Jennifer Jason Leigh is in the lead. She’s always terrific in everything she does. Franck Khalfoun is at the helm as both writer/director. As you’ll recall, he also directed the MANIAC remake starring Elijah Wood that we loved a few short years back. Stylistically, that movie was a marvel. Can he bring something similar to the tired haunted house story?

The cons? Well, aren’t we all a bit sick of the haunted house story? There’s an element of PATRICK (either version, take your pick. Or RED MIST.) in this update. Will it be a cool unique twist on the haunted house story? Or just a rehash of what we saw in the PATRICK movies? Also, well it’s the Weinsteins. And this sucker isn’t due until January. They’re notorious for recutting and reshaping films long before their release dates. However, they wisely left SNOWPIERCER unscathed so anything’s possible!

Either way, AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING opens January 2nd, 2015, kicking off the new year in style! What are your thoughts on the latest in the AMITYVILLE franchise?

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