Among horror fans, there is a deep attraction to films involving demonic possessions. Whether it is caused by fascination, or because they happen to scare the hell out of the bravest souls (especially Jerry), there is usually a huge fan base for a film that shows someone losing their souls to the dark side. There are so many films out on the market today that fall into that subgenre, so it takes a strong film to take the genre to another level, while being something truly unique, and presenting something to the audience that they haven’t seen a million times before. Thankfully, one film that is just that, is David Jung’s THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING.

Michael is grieving over the loss of a loved one, and he copes with that loss by making a documentary about how people get conned by those who sell “spiritual” services, and to prove them wrong, he goes to extreme measures like attempting to conjure up a demon to prove there is no such thing as the occult. Seems a bit harmless to a non-believer like himself, until it actually ends up working. It’s pretty safe to say that Michael gets his money’s worth, and a whole lot more when he gets stuck with an absolutely evil entity who does not want to let him go. He becomes consumed by the demon, and is pushed to do unthinkable acts that will definitely leave you thinking about what you just saw (and probably not being able to get much or any sleep days after viewing it). His transformation from himself, into a plaything of the devil is a dark one, and at times, is just downright frightening.

When it comes to THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING, it is not an over exaggeration to call it one of the most creative, and frightening possession films of all time. The film deals with very dark and twisted subject matter and delivers many visually stimulating scenes that will burn images in your brain, and you find yourself not being able to enjoy every minute of it, as it succeeds in getting under your skin and creeping you out.. Shane Johnson does an amazing job as Michael King, and commands every scene that he’s in, with his strong and very convincing performance. You might find yourself googling him immediately after watching this just to make sure he is not actually possessed. The found footage element of this film doesn’t make it feel like a film, but more like this was an actual part of a documentary that was found. While it looks a little glossy to be normal footage,  it is definitely done right, and it surely adds to the intense, creepy vibe of this film to make it seem like a legitimate documentary that had unfortunately gone very very wrong.

If you are a fan of genuinely horrifying films that dare to explore the evil lurking on the other side, this is definitely for you.  Along with a surprisingly unique and refreshing story, you’re given quite a few scares, and nerve wrecking situations that happen to arise in this film, all of which will leave you terrified, and hoping that there is no possibility of anything like this happening in real life. From the beginning THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING does a great job of not only hooking you into the tale, but scaring the hell out of you in the process.

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