*UPDATED* William Butler and Transition Entertainment Penning THE SURVIVORS;Horror EXPENDABLES Of Final Girls!!

*UPDATE– Lisa Wilcox (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER), Beverly Randolph (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), Kelli Maroney (NIGHT OF THE COMET), Donna Wilkes (ANGEL, JAWS 2, SCHIZOID), and LEATHERFACE: TCM III‘s Kate Hodge have all officially joined the cast, making the project sound even more epic.


This is definitely the news of the week. Horror actor/director William Butler (LEATHERFACE: TCM III, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake, director of MADHOUSE) has just announced THE SURVIVORS, an upcoming horror ensemble, featuring quite an impressive cast of some of horrors most beloved final girls, all banding together to stop a serial killer. This is a horror lover’s dream, as it’s always been a topic of conversation among fans regarding what it would be like if all of horror’s final girls got together to kick some ass and thansk to Butler and his Transition Entertainment company, that topic is about to see the light of day.

Butler and writer Patrick J. Doody (Beneath) are currently penning the story for “THE SURVIVORS” a horror-action feature-film about a multi-generational group of strong female survivors who decide to get revenge as they ban to together and turn the tables on legendary murderer who, during their youth pursued them all. After the killer resurfaces, the women make a pact to track him down and end his twenty-five year killing spree. 

Starring in the project so far are an impressive cast of fan favorites including: Adrienne King (FRIDAY THE 13TH) Heather Langenkamp (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) Jordan Ladd (CABIN FEVER) Amanda Wyss (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) Deborah Foreman (WAXWORK, APRIL FOOLS DAY) and Patricia Tallman (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD ’90).



Butler is also meeting with with Amy Steel (FRIDAY THE 13th 2), P.J. Soles (HALLOWEEN), Tuesday Knight (NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST 4)  in hopes they will also join the dream team. 

“As a long time horror-film nerd and filmaker my head is spinning with joy at getting a chance to meet with all of these remarkable actresses. I am so proud of this project, it’s really a fan boy’s dream come true.” He promises to announce many more legendary horror ingénues as they join the cast. “This film is not only going to be one hell of a ride but the ultimate gift to all of the fans that we genre performers love so much.”

Butler is writing and producing the project and currently meeting with several potential directors. “You will be the first to know when we settle on the right one” 

The women will be kicking serial killer ass as “The Survivors” lenses in late spring of 2015.”

I don’t know about you fright fanatics, but this is some monumentally awesome news and could very well be one hell of a horror fan’s dream. We’ll keep you guys and gals updated, when more info on THE SURVIVORS is announced!

25 thoughts on “*UPDATED* William Butler and Transition Entertainment Penning THE SURVIVORS;Horror EXPENDABLES Of Final Girls!!

  1. Adrienne King died in Friday The 13th Part 2, Heather Langenkamp died in Nightmare On Elm Street 3, Amy Weiss died FIRST in Nightmare On Elm Street, PJ Soles died in Halloween, Beverly Randolph BLEW UP in Return Of The Living Dead, Tuesday Knight died in Dream Master. How are they “Survivors”?

    1. It’s pretty obvious from the synopsis that they will playing different characters that all exist in the same universe, and that their original characters from their respective franchises won’t exist in this film.

      1. Ah ok, I get it. But even still, if they all survived in the first place, he must be a pretty lousy serial killer, so why would they all need to team up to kill him? 🙂

    2. They’re not playing their roles from F13, ANOES, etc. The plot is that they all survived one serial killer and decide to take the killer on again.

    3. They were each the LAST to die, so they survived the bulk of the movie. Pretty good going if you ask me.
      Obviuosly, though, peopel will complian since it’s bound to be an all-causcasian cast.

  2. I have some ideas for more scream queens. Lynn Lowry, Linnea Quigley, Geretta Geretta, Caroline Williams, Linda Blair, Camille Keaton, Dee Wallace, and Adrienne Barbeau.

  3. Bobby Keller – I believe they are considered ‘survivors’ because they ‘initially’ survived / defeated their attackers.

  4. I hope this becomes a franchise. If we don’t see Jamie Lee Curtis or Ashley Lawrence in this movie, I am sure they could turn up in a sequel.

  5. When i saw the title The Survivors, I thought it might have been an american remake of the old BBC tv series by Terry Nation.

  6. Jamie Lee Curtis can’t be in it because in the Halloween: Resurrection She Died, Heather Langenkamp was in New Nightmare thats why she is in

    1. as much as I am looking forward to this because I am a fan of Langenkamp and would really like to see her in more films… I would like to point out that New Nightmare wasn’t canon with the series and had Heather play her real life counterpart fighting against a demon who has assumed the form of Freddy.

  7. This is so cool!
    I hope they get more of the actresses on board.

    Also guys I hugged Heather Langenkamp!
    & I also hugged Amanda Wyss & flirted with her.

  8. Sounds incredible…like a dream movie…I would love to see Felissa Rose , brinke Stevens and Danielle. Adrienne king is awesomeness!

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