Icons Of Fright’s WRITING MIXTAPE, Part Three: Natty

Everything I do tends to revolve around music. It’s mandatory that I reserve about 45 minutes of my day to unwind with some good tunes and headphones. I can’t even begin my day right if I don’t enjoy music with my morning coffee, so it only makes sense that I HAVE to listen to music while I write.  Personally, I feel the music that I listen to while I create helps set a foundation for my writing, and also sets the mood for the particular piece I am working on. So here it is…this is the music behind my silly lists, and Exploitation Alleys.



1). Harley Poe – “Ouija
To those of you who are familiar with the amazing Harley Poe, then you totally get this. If you aren’t familiar with their music, I suggest you give them a listen. With their upbeat, folk punk sounds mixed with horror inspired lyrics…it only makes sense that a number of their songs would make it into a horror writer’s playlist. This song in particular has a haunting melody, paired with dark lyrics and is my go to song when I feel like writing something dark, and fun.

2.) Penis Flytrap – “Tears of Blood
Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to this band about ten years ago, I’ve been hooked. Penis Flytrap takes the horror punk genre to a whole new level, especially with this track. This song, and the entire Dismemberment album is a must while I brainstorm, and get started on a new piece.

3. The Cramps – “Can I Get In Your Pants
I’ve been a huge fan of the cramps since high school, and this is one of their lovely slow jams that I feel is the perfect background song to write to. It seems like a really sexual tune about wanting to get into a girls pants (Oh, that Lux), but in fact he is a literally saying he wants to wear her pants, and dress like her. Which I love and appreciate it for its creative metaphor, and it inspires me to write something that I hope gets a laugh out of the reader.

4.) The Misfits – “Halloween
this is not only the perfect track for a writing soundtrack, but also a soundtrack for life! I can’t get through an article without at least one Danzig or Graves era song in the mix. (American Psycho is my go to Graves’s era Misfits song) Of course, for obvious reasons, I feel this song sets a perfect mood for the creation of any horror related piece of writing. And that reason being how perfect it is.

5.) The Ramones – “Pet Semetary
Oh cool! A song named after one of my favorite films of all time. So naturally, it has a spot on my list. I always appreciate listening to music that reminds me of certain parts of a movie I love, or even better….if the song has a music video that has clips of the movie in it. I sometimes take breaks in the middle of articles, just to watch videos…and this is usually the one I watch to recharge, and get amped enough to finish what I am working on.

6.) Zombie Ghost Train – “Night Time Crawling
Whenever I hear this song, it somehow sparks something awesome in me, and makes me want to run to my keyboard and type away. It has a beautiful guitar at the beginning, and makes me feel fresh. Plus, it is about zombies, so of course it can inspire something like a zombie movie review, or really, any kind of review. This tune is another sort of refresher for me, and I always make sure to give it a listen or two whenever I am about to begin an article, or finding inspiration to end it.

7.) Medusa – “Black Hearted Woman
Ok, so this is actually the opening song to one of the greatest films ever made, well, in my opinion….SWITCHBLADE SISTERS. It really helps me get into the groove while I am preparing for, or writing an Exploitation Alley piece. It is safe to say that I do listen to this song pretty much with every Exploitation article I write up, I mean shit, this tune is probably one of the funkiest songs I have ever heard. And yes, I just used the word funky to describe this song. Added bonus: this video is actually the opening credits from the film, complete with Lacey throwing a perfume bottle at a giant rat.

8.) GG Allin and The Jabbers – “Cheri Love Affair
Yes, I know. This a really toned down song compared to GG’s other stuff, more specifically something from GG Allin and The Murder Junkies. This song has a surprisingly upbeat melody, which can somehow relieve stress. That’s right, a GG Allin song that actually puts you into a great mood, and makes you want to dance. Except I can’t dance to save my own life, so I just let my fingers do that dancing, on my keyboard…to type up something silly and fun. Seriously, give this a listen, and I dare you to be in a bad mood. And you can also take comfort in knowing that this was his clean cut era, and that he wasn’t singing this while he was covered in feces.

9.) The Delfonics – “Didn’t I (blow your mind this time)
I am fully aware that this song is random, and very out of place. I tend to be very particular about my music, and kind of stick to certain types while I am writing, but every once in a while I will throw this on. It tends to help with my Exploitation Alley articles as well, mostly because this is a song from JACKIE BROWN, and really, anything that brings back some sweet memories of Pam Grier would naturally make it onto a playlist.  This is not only a song I enjoy hearing while I write, but also a song I listen to in everyday life.

10.) X – “Nausea
Anything from the Los Angeles album is amazing. Seriously, I enjoy every single song on that one. However, Nausea really stands out. I absolutely adore the beat to this song, even if it was just the music without vocals, it would be amazing. The vocals add something special to it, to create what I would consider an inspiration jam. Although the lyrics seem to be about a hangover, or something similar (Or maybe a metaphor for something) I haven’t really tried to figure it out. I just hear a great song, which gives me a great beat to create too. I have often used this entire album as a playlist. But this hands down my most favorite, and most inspiration track.

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