Awkward Conversations In THE WALKING DEAD: Season Four Deleted Scene

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It’s interesting to see what scenes from your favorite shows were left on the cutting room floor. Sometimes a scene is pulled for pacing reasons, and well…sometimes it’s just a weird scene. This deleted scene from THE WALKING DEAD‘s upcoming season four Bluray/DVD falls somewhere in the latter, with talks of “stumping” and just plain weirdness. While it seems that it might be a good thing that it was left out, man, it makes for some interestingly odd watching. Check it out, and be sure to pick up THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete Fourth Season when it hits Bluray/DVD on August 26th from Anchor Bay.


Additional special features include:

  • The Making Of THE WALKING DEAD
  • Drawing Inspiration
  • Goodbye To Hershel
  • Goodbye To The Governor
  • Society, Science & Survival
  • Inside KNB Studios
  • A Journey Back To Brutality

THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete Fourth Season hits Bluray/DVD on August 26th via Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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