Full Moon and Action Lab Comics Announce Partnership; PUPPET MASTER Comic On Its Way!


There were quite a few announcements that went down at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International convention this past week, and though Hall H gave comic book fans tons of Marvel comics/films stuff regarding their upcoming slate, one of the other halls gave genre fans the announcement that really caught my attention (not being able to attend this year, I can settle for press releases).  Action Lab Comics (Night of the ’80s Undead, Ghost Town) has partnered up with Charles Band and Full Moon Features to bring horror fans a brand new PUPPET MASTER comic book series (there was a limited series in 1990 from Eternity Comics), written by Snowed In’s Shawn Gabborin and art hand-picked by Band.

Personally, as a fan of not only comics but of the PUPPET MASTER series, I can’t wait to check out whatever devilish adventures are in store for Blade, Pinhead and the rest of the gang (I hope Six-Shooter is included). Check out the announcement video below!

“Puppet Master is the story Andre Toulon, an elderly puppet maker who discovers an ancient Egyptian potion and uses it to bring his creations to life. At the height of World War II, Andre fled to America, pursued by Nazis. In a last ditch effort to protect his secrets, the master packs the dolls away and takes his own life. Years later a rogue psychic revives the dolls, leaving his associates to face off against the monstrous marionettes. Decades (and a handful of “masters”) later, the puppets are still raising hell in their own unique way.”

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