There is something fascinating about the end of the world. Obviously, not in a positive way. The reason we don’t see too many people welcoming the thought of the apocalypse with open arms, is because…well, the idea is downright terrifying. However, a film channeling humanity’s biggest fear is the next best thing, and well fright fanatics, AFTERMATH is that film.

From the beginning, AFTERMATH draws the audience in with a powerful beginning that properly sets up the plot of the film. Hunter (CJ Thomason), is determined to find shelter from the nuclear attack on the world that has begun, and often feels the need to go into hero mode to help out anyone who crosses his path. When he comes in contact with others who are desperately attempting survival,  they quickly find a place to stay in a basement, thanks to Jonathan (Ross Britz). The shelter is cramped, the conditions are grim, and conflict arises between characters as you would expect when a group of people are forced to endure living in a basement for many days. In addition to avoiding the radiation, the group must also secure their living space to make sure the infected people don’t get in. The infected are pretty much zombies, but not the undead, brain-eating zombies you would expect, no, these ones are vicious, seem rabid, and are about as crazy as any post-apocalyptic zombie could be. Everything comes together for a strong plot, and a great story that captures the human need for surviving at all costs, helping others, and staying hopeful in a terrible situation.

In many ways, the film hits the nail on the head when it comes to creating an entertaining film that contains just the right amount of drama, action, and horror. One thing that really stands out, is the level of strong performances brought on by the cast. A large amount of the film is primarily in the basement, which leaves most of the foundation on how well the characters play out. After a while with some, and from the very beginning of others, you find yourself connected to them. Although most of the set doesn’t change much, AFTERMATH remains visually stimulating, due to some top-notch special effects and makeup, which strongly portray what an apocalyptic world could possibly look like. Although the ending seems to happen almost abruptly, it doesn’t take away from the overall story  being told, or the effect that the film will have on the audience while viewing. It’s a great example of what a post-apocalyptic film should be, having every element possible to make for a terrifying, intense, and thrilling experience. As a horror film, and also as just a film itself, it’s a breath of fresh air for movie lovers who are either fans of post-apocalyptic,  zombie, or just regular kick-ass films.

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