Bluray Review: GINGER SNAPS

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Always doing a hell of a job releasing either cult classics or long sought after genre films to special edition Blurays, Scream Factory once again does a great job with their July 22nd new Collector’s Edition Bluray release of John Fawcett’s 2000 werewolf fan favorite, GINGER SNAPS. Fans wondering whether or not a double dip is necessary can rejoice, as not only does the film look better than ever, but the disc boasts enough special features to please fans and newcomers alike.


When GINGER SNAPS first arrived in 2000, it gave fans of the werewolf subgenre a breath of fresh air. Instead of the standard person gets bit, then turns into lycanthrope every full moon, what set the film apart is how interesting and original its story was. Focusing on two sisters (played excellently by IT‘s Emily Perkins and AMERICAN MARY‘s Katherine Isabelle) who are already obsessed with death and are facing oncoming changes due to puberty, the film does a completely A+ plus job of developing characters that anybody who felt like an outsider growing up can instantly relate to. It’s that wonderful character development and original angle written by co-writers Karen Walton and John Fawcett, that sets the film so far apart from typical genre monster fare, focusing more on two girls who are going through changes as individuals and as young women than on just giving viewers the standard gore for gore’s sake. When the older sister, Ginger, gets attacked by a werewolf, she goes through what is initially thought of as her first period, but soon after is realized as being signs of her body slowly changing into a Lycanthrope herself.

Instead of going that traditional, always changing under the full moon angle, what makes the film work on an original level as well as a metaphorical one, is how the film is about those changes that people go through via puberty, and how Ginger becomes a different person by the end of the film. The use of a werewolf transformation as a metaphor for going through your body’s changes during puberty is a decision that works so well, making the film stand on its own, instead of being yet another movie about someone getting bit and attacking other people. The characters are likable, realistic, and you find yourself as a viewer being completely sympathetic towards what not only what Ginger is going through after her transformation begins, but even more so what her sister Brigitte is dealing with, having to find herself as an individual in the middle of dealing with the horrors of her sister turning into a creature and the horrors of growing up at the same time. It’s a horror film that works on every possible level.


Supplemental fanatics are in for a treat with what Scream Factory has put together with this one. Not only is the film itself a great one, but the special features are just as good as any other great release that the gang put together.

  • GINGER SNAPS: Blood, Teeth and Fur– a ‘making of’ of sorts, featuring over an hour of brand new interviews with writer Karen Walton, co-writer/director John Fawcett, Make-Up effects artist Paul Jones, as well as actors Emily Perkins and Jesse Moss. While Isabelle is absent from the doc, everyone else featured in it go over how the film was conceived, put together and made, showcasing quite a few interesting stories.
  • GROWING PAINS: Puberty In Horror Films– The standout doc on the Bluray, this one is a discussion between horror journalist Kristy Jett, filmmaker Axelle Carolyn, horror journalist Heidi Honeycutt and Fangoria Magazine/Killer POV’s Rebekah McKendry. Focusing on the topic of women characters going through the pains of growing up, the panel discussion is a very interesting one, as it’s great to hear the opinions and experiences of four very talented women in the field of horror, all talking about what films resonated with them, regarding the topics similar to those focused on in GINGER SNAPS.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • A carried over previous featurette, comprised of on-set footage from the production.
  • Cast Auditions and rehearsals
  • Creation of the Beast: a look inside the making of the werewolf in the film.
  • Being John Fawcett: a montage of various on set-videos shot by Fawcett while making the film.
  • Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Production Design Artwork

All in all, it’s another home run release from Scream Factory. Some carried over stuff, but the brand new retrospective doc, as well as the women in horror panel discussion makes the Bluray worth its price alone, not even taking how excellent the film is into account. Definitely one to pick up if you’re either a fan of the film, or just a fan of solid and original takes on the werewolf subgenre.

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