Review: DELIRIUM Issues #1 and #2


Living in a world where any information regarding all things genre is readily available at our fingertips can be great. However, there is something special about holding, opening, and reading an actual magazine. It takes you back to the days of your youth, where you couldn’t wait to get your hands on every magazine that you could possibly want. Magazines like Fangoria, Gorezone and various others had each page plastered with gory pictures, mind-blowing interviews, and ads for stuff that you actually wanted. Thanks to those who keep the magazine game alive and well, we still have plenty to read, and can revisit those days over and over again.

The newest addition to the group of magazines devoted to the genres that we all know and love, is Delirium magazine. Brought to us by not only Charlie Band and the folks at Full Moon, Delirium is also fronted by Fangoria Editor in Chief, Chris Alexander and is a brand new, bi-monthly print (and digital for those tech-savvy readers) magazine that after checking out for myself, I can say will definitely satisfy all of your cravings. From Horror to sci-fi, and cult to exploitation, it really has it all. Here’s a short rundown on Delirium’s first couple of issues, to give you readers a glimpse of what’s so badass about it.

img98e6f172The debut, issue #1 (the Feb/March issue), will definitely please any fans of RE-ANIMATOR. (I mean, really, does anyone not like RE-ANIMATOR?) There is a very in depth interview with director Stuart Gordon, that is definitely worth a read, as well as interviews with Barbara Crampton, and also Richard Band regarding his legendary RE-ANIMATOR score. Throughout the issue, there are quite a few additional great reads as well, such as a fun look and informative look back at TOURIST TRAP, and a great piece about Celeste Yarnall regarding her career, and of course VELVET VAMPIRE. It’s a very good first issue, and shows readers how important that Alexander and Band both obviously feel it is, to give horror and genre readers a really well put together magazine, full of very entertaining pieces.


Issue number two, which is the April/May issue, keeps things alive and going by being amazing as well. There is a fun little preview and an interview from Irena Murphy on the set of Full Moon’s new series,TROPHY HEADS,  a great interview with Lone Fleming about TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, and another interview with the very beautiful Masuimi Max. The columns in this issue will feed your need for horror and exploitation awesomeness as well, with a part two of “Bring Me the head of Stuart Gordon“, which is a fun column that everyone wanting some hilarious stories are sure to dig.

Overall, Delirium is a fantastic magazine. It goes above and beyond what a magazine these days typically is, and is chock-full of interesting, hearty interviews, and mind-blowing articles that will leave you wanting more. There is literally something for everyone in every issue. If you are a fan of all things horror, cult, fantasy, sci-fi, exploitation, Full Moon…you know, the good stuff, then do yourself a favor and get yourself (and anyone else who would love this) a subscription as soon as possible.

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