With Horror TV Taking Over Networks, Jerry Asks: How About A HIDEAWAY Series?

While horror is dominating Television these days in everything from HANNIBAL, PENNY DREADFUL, and BATES MOTEL already airing, the upcoming series of Del Toro’s THE STRAIN set to debut soon and god knows how many other shows being developed as I write this, I often ask myself: “Wouldn’t it be nice if this or that would be made into a series?”. With it being abundantly clear that execs are taking the turning of popular films and franchises into decent or downright awesome series (Anybody see FARGO? Wow), there are a handful of books and/or films that I think warrant a solid weekly, if not limited series run on TV. One example is the 1995 film adaption of my favorite Dean Koontz book of all time, his 1992 novel, HIDEAWAY.


HIDEAWAY tells the story of Hatch Harrison (played by Jeff Goldblum in the film), an antiques dealer, who gets into a car wreck and is declared dead for about an hour and a half before mysteriously being revived. Almost immediately, Harrison begins to witness visions of a Satanic serial killer (who labels himself “Vassago”, and was played so well by SIX FEET UNDER/MAY‘s Jeremy Sisto in the film), seeing the killer stalk his victims, Harrison having developed a telepathic link with the killer because of the crash. When the killer begins to see the same thing, he begins to stalk Harrison’s adopted daughter Regina, leading to one hell of a conclusion.

Why it would make such a great series in my opinion, is the fact of how rich the novel is with backstory, dealing with the Vassago character’s past, growing up, his first murder as a teen, etc. It could be a really awesome limited series dealing with the novel’s story of Harrison trying to catch Vassago before he loses his daughter to the Satanic murderer. The film took liberties with some key elements that would lend themselves to make a full and well done series, such as Hatch and his wife Lindsey attempting to cope with the death of their young son from cancer, by adopting Regina. The film cut that element out, and in my opinion, it was a very important element to the book, pushing Harrison to not only save Regina, but to prove to her how much of a father he was wanting to be to her, making sure she was protected. Subplots such as that one, as well as Vassago’s juicy backstory would serve to compliment the more vicious elements, making one hell of a horror-themed series. Casting-wise, my bet would fall on the combo of THE POSSESSION‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN‘s Ezra Miller as the combating Harrison & Vassago, as both have definitely proven how versatile their acting chops can be.


So, execs…feel free to give me a ring, we’ll talk about this one. In between writing these articles, digging on SWAMP THING with my son and drinking an insane amount of Dr. Pepper, I’m available.

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