TRANCERS Fans Rejoice! Charles Band’s Sci-Fi Cult Classic Heading to Bluray This July!!


Say what you will about Charles Band and his Full Moon Entertainment company, but I’m a fan. Even more so, I’m a pretty intense fan of his 1985 sci-fi action film, TRANCERS, a film I hold very close to my heart. While some fans might have been less than excited about the most recent DVD transfer, it looks as if all of that is set to be redeemed with a brand new, all inclusive Bluray of the cult classic, when it hits Bluray, exclusively to and this July 21st. Included, along with a good amount of special features is the complete “TRANCERS: CITY OF LOST ANGELS” segment, which until recently was lost for many year.  I don’t know about you fright fiends, but I’ll most definitely be picking this one up while gelling up my hair, because, as we all know “Dry hair’s for squids”.


TRANCERS: THE ULTIMATE EDITION Bluray hits Bluray July 21st via Full Moon and!

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