Review: ANNA


There is something fascinating about the concept of a person with the ability to get into another person’s mind, with also having the ability to experience their memories. This is the case in Jorge Dorado’s film ANNA.  Also known in other regions as MINDSCAPE,  the film is an experience, full of the thrill of a universe that involves memory detective agencies. If just that small glimpse of a synopsis sounds like an interesting time, then well, it is everything you would expect it to be, and then some.

From the beginning, the film keeps the audience interested, hooking you immediately with a strong start. We meet John Washington, (Mark Strong), a memory detective with the ability to assist in solving crimes by getting into the minds of witnesses. Due to a traumatizing event in his past that ends up coming back to haunt him, and ultimately negatively affecting a session, he becomes unable to perform his job. When then detective gets another chance, this time to work on another case involving a troubled teenage girl named Anna (Taissa Farmiga) who is on a hunger strike. At first, the job seems like a simple one , seeming like all that he needs to do is get into her mind to find out what is upsetting the young girl, and to convince her to end her hunger strike. Very soon, it becomes apparent that John may have taken on a task too large for his abilities, when some of her memories and stories don’t quite seem to add up. John must then figure out if Anna is a victim of abuse, or rather a sociopathic and manipulative terror. Knowing that he must figure it out before it’s too late, John becomes obsessed with gathering as much evidence and insight from everyone affected by Anna, with his mission becoming personal very quickly. Is Anna who she says she is?, Or is she manipulating John into seeing only what she wants him to see?

One of the many great aspects of this film, is the cast involved. Every role, from small to large was perfectly cast, each actor assisting in making this production entertaining from beginning to end. Taissa Farmiga steals the show with her beautiful portrayal of an intelligent and mentally disturbed young woman. Although Taissa’s role as Anna is similar to the characters she played in both seasons one and three of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, she’s mastered the role of a dark, serious, yet somehow seemingly innocent teen, taking it to a different level. ANNA is a smart, intense, psychological thriller that does not disappoint for a single second. With a strong cast, and a plethora of suspenseful twists and turns, it’s hard to not become absolutely consumed by the dark, and intense mood of this film.

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