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10363977_535145936597261_1021591901711986742_n“River City Panic is a film about six underachieving friends stuck in the monotony of small town life. One particular evening, the friends have had it with their boring routine and decide to leave their basement to have a night on the town. Rumors begin circulating surrounding a recent missing persons case and panic sweeps over the townsfolk. What was just a quiet, peaceful town suddenly transforms overnight into an epidemic of all-out hysteria and chaos, leaving the group wishing they had never left the basement.”

Director/Writer Tyler Amm from Ottawa, IL is trying to fulfill his dream of making a feature film, and he needs your help.  After already raising half of his budget, Amm has turned to crowd funding in order to raise the final $8,000 needed to create his film RIVER CITY PANIC.  The film is said to capture the nostalgic feel of 80s adventure comedies (with some horror undertones) like THE GOONIES and MONSTER SQUAD.  According to Amm, “We’re embracing the dirtier anamorphic look of these types of films and lighting with a moodier, less contemporary aesthetic that accompanies this style. Along with the lensing and lighting, we’re also paying close attention to the wardrobe and art departments, using a unified primary color wardrobe for our heroes and consciously applying darker, more drab tones for the backgrounds when possible. All of these things help attribute to this look and will hopefully feel like something straight out of the 80’s.”

First things first, the idea of RIVER CITY PANIC is already something that I’m interested in.  There are so many Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects that look like recycled garbage composed of the stuff Adam Wingard would leave on the editing room floor, so seeing something like RIVER CITY PANIC is already a breath of fresh air.  The cast looks like people I can relate to, which is something most films today completely lack.  The director has been showing a great deal of passion and dedication by throwing fundraising events in addition to his Kickstarter campaign, and the material on the page is of a very high quality.  Right away, this tells me that this director genuinely cares about his project, and he’s not just trying to grab his fifteen minutes of fame.  He’s making a movie because it’s what he is passionate about, not because “oh, this would be cool.” The crew is compiled of award winning cinematographers and editors, meaning the director did his homework and made sure that the people shooting his movie know what they were doing.  For a first time director, I’m extremely impressed with everything he’s compiled.  The original music for the film is catchy as hell and the perks for donating are pretty awesome. The perks range from original artwork, scores, autographed props, walk-on roles, the opportunity to be killed on screen, producer credits, and even an exclusive premiere.  To put it simply, this film looks like fun.  It’s been a while since I’ve had honest fun watching a film, and I think RIVER CITY PANIC could be a project that could bring some good old fashioned fun to the independent film circuit.

RIVER CITY PANIC has a little less than half-way to go, and there are 20 days remaining on this project.
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    did you know that the great great nephew of Vincent Price is in this film?

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