DVD/Bluray Review: DEVIL’S KNOT


The Movie:

You can very easily read a more thorough review of Atom Egoyan’s DEVIL’S KNOT, a take on the courtroom time period of the trial and wrongful conviction of three boys based on their love for metal and the occult here , which would say exactly what it is: a film that while full of great performances, just seems like a missed opportunity to shed some light on how wronged the “West Memphis 3” were, having had almost two decades of their lives taken away, all due to a modern day witch hunt. While a completely good enough film that focuses on the viewpoints of a private investigator trying to help prove the innocence of the WM3, and on the mother of one of the victims that began the case, DEVIL’S KNOT serves as more of a courtroom procedural than an actual telling of the events that transpired. While it spends a great deal of the film on Firth’s private investigator and his feelings about needing to make sure that the boys don’t go to prison for something that evidence is showing that they didn’t do, the film just never paints the three accused boys in a picture other than a “who knows if they did it” sort of way.

Led by Colin Firth as the private investigator who feels that it’s his duty to show that the open and shut case shouldn’t have been so easily open and shut, it’s an emotional and competent that both fans of “Law & Order” will enjoy, but for followers of the now legendary case of three young men whose lives were forever changed, due to a lack of evidence not being enough to acquit them,  the film is just something that serves almost as a lesser companion to four more powerful and important documentaries that give proof, and perspective, an element that unfortunately, DEVIL’S KNOT is void of.

Special Features:

  • The Making of DEVIL’S KNOT‘ – a short EPK-like doc, mostly focusing on Egoyan’s desire to make a film that shows the viewpoints of others involved.
  • Getting into Character‘ – Another short EPK, this time speaking to various actors in the film, regarding whether they looked to the actual real life counterparts for inspiration on how to play their characters.
  • Deleted Scenes – A few various scenes, featuring small additional subplots involving other suspects, and a scene featuring WM3 doc PARADISE LOST‘s director Joe Berlinger playing himself during the trial.

All in all, DEVIL’S KNOT is an entertaining film that works better as a courtroom drama, that an actual historical film, so if viewers are able to separate truth from the film’s desire to put the focus on other things, that it’s worth a watch.

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