Beyond Fright Review: AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO!!


If you’re cool, then you are probably naturally drawn to films that contain the word “VS.” in the title. Pretty much anything VS. something else typically means that the film will be likable, surprising, and just downright awesome. With The Kondelik brothers’ AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, that unspoken rule continues its tradition, and is one of those fun popcorn movies that could possibly become a staple in your collection, one that you will want to watch over and over again. I mean with a title like AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, how could it not be great? If the title of the film isn’t enough to spark an extreme interest in this film, I’ll just say that Dean Cain is in it. I repeat…Dean Cain is in this…and yes, he is awesome.

It begins with a pretty normal setup, filled with passengers and a crew on a typical commercial airline. Not too long into the film, tragedy strikes, when it appears that everyone on board the plane are unfortunately stuck over a ridiculous amount of volcanoes. If you’ve ever freaked out over stale pretzels and crying babies on any of your flights, those annoyances seem like the best things ever, compared to some vicious and unpleasant volcanoes. When the pilot and co-pilot are unable to continue on with the flight, just as you would guess, there is a passenger on board who has the ability to fly (which is funny because the passenger just so happens to be Rick, played by Dean Cain). Yes, you can *Insert Superman related joke here*. Oh but then stress and drama becomes super intense when Rick is unable to shut off the plane’s autopilot function, so this causes some severe problems for everyone involved,..especially Rick, who has to do everything in his power to avoid getting smacked with hot lava. The worrying doesn’t just stay in the air, as it is very alive on the ground. The US Air Force steps up to aid in this crisis, but do they succeed in helping to save to lives of innocent air travelers?, or di they meet a horrible, Pompeii style death? You’ll just have to see for yourself.

One of the most surprising things about this AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, is how it exceeded my expectations. Walking into it, I braced myself for a regular B- movie, which is definitely what this is, but what a welcomed surprise it was, to see how it wasn’t AS typical as one might think. Though films of this genre tend to have actors who may not be the best at their craft, or simply don’t add anything special to the table, that’s not the case with AIRPLANE VS VOLCANO,  as one of the major things that is very noticeable, is how impressive the acting was. It’s obvious that everyone seemed like they enjoyed making it, adding a fun and entertaining vibe to it all.

Let’s face it, at one point in time we have all thought about what it would be like if we had to fly over a group of erupting volcanoes…or maybe not. If the thought hadn’t crossed your mind in the past, then maybe it will now, but if it were to happen, it probably wouldn’t be as fun or entertaining as AIRPLANES VS VOLCANO. From the very beginning, to the end…this film remained completely entertaining, and did not disappoint. Of course, this film isn’t for everyone, but if you’re cool enough to appreciate this gem, and aren’t uptight or against a fun little popcorn flick, then chances are you might like it. It’s a real movie party with friends kind of film, so I suggest inviting some folks over for this one. It definitely is a “lava” fun (see what I did there?).

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