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Some great news was sent our way from Code Red/Brandon Sites, regarding the upcoming DVD release of William Asher’s 1982 horror film BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER (aka NIGHT WARNING), making its DVD debut this July, in a brand new HD transfer. If any of you fright fiends haven’t had the chance to see this one yet, be ready, as it’s a hell of a movie, and one to pick up for sure. First news of Scream Factory’s PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Bluray and now is shaping up to be quite the day for great release news. For the complete information regarding the release (thanks again to Brandon Sites!), along with some stills from the brand new HD transfer of the film, read on!


“Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker (aka Night Warning) is often one of the most requested horror movie titles that’s never been released to DVD, but times are a changing and owner & operator of Code Red Entertainment, William Olsen, has announced that Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker film will finally be available this July. The film, based on the novel of the same name, follows Billy Lynch (Jimmy McNichol), an orphan, who has been raised by his over-protective aunt Cheryl (Susan Tyrrell). However, after turning seventeen, Billy is set on planning his life …without her. He’s planning on going on to college and is dating a local girl, Julie (Julia Duffy). None of which sits well for his aunt, who’s lost everyone else in her life and now with her nephew ready to leave, ensures she starts on a campaign to keep him with her …forever. As her plans misfire, she becomes swept up in a cycle of psychosis and frenzied violence all being blamed on Billy by everyone else, including a homophobic detective (Bo Svenson), who’s anti-gay prejudice is steadily reaching its zenith …leading to an unforeseeable outcome.

In addition to starring Susan Tyrell (Cry-Baby, 1990) in a raw, inhabited performance, the cast includes Jimmy McNichol (brother of 80’s icon Kristy McNichol), Bo Svenson (Walking Tall), Marcia Lewis (Tony nominated in Grease), Julia Duffy of Newhart and Bill Paxton (Aliens, Near Dark).”


Special features for the DVD release include:


+ Brand New Hi Def master from the original camera negatives
+ Audio commentary by producer/writer Steven Breimer and co-writer Alan Jay Glueckman

+ Audio commentary by Jimmy McNicol moderated by Jeff McKay

+ Original theatrical trailer

+ On camera interview with stars Jimmy McNichol, Susan Tyrrell, Steven Eastin, make-up artist Alan Alpone and producer Steven Breimer


Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Picture, but lost to Poltergeist. 

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    1. Out of curiosity, what is it about Scream Factory that you dislike? I’m genuinely interested in your opinion on this.

  1. Originally Posted by Bill Wolford

    Most Code Red Titles “One Per Customer”.I think it means that you’re only allowed to
    buy one title for yourself. I guess this is supposed to help from buying
    a bunch, then price gouging unsuspecting buyers on other sites. (This
    is happening on e-bay & right now.)

    Yes, and Bill does this himself under ‘anonymous’ accounts such as
    “the exterminator’ (didn’t they both happen to close up shop online
    roughly around same time this Summer?) … trust me, that account IS/WAS
    him … he may have others as well … he manufactures scarcity by
    pulling his stock very shortly after making it available and claiming
    ‘sold out’ then he makes more money per piece by selling at
    collectible/OOP prices through these accounts … it’s a very old and
    typical capitalist business practice … we are ALL victims of this with
    most everything we buy here … Any denials or defense statements on
    Bill’s part should be taken with a grain of salt regarding any of this
    … he also only does this with certain titles wherein he feels it more
    lucrative to do so (i.e., engineered scarcity) … also, it would look
    suspect if he did it with his ‘entire’ catalog or the bulk thereof …

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