Rob Zombie Hints at new Film, ’31’, Announces John 5 as Composer

Bn09v9lIEAAOcnG (1)Yesterday, musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie (HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES, DEVIL’S REJECTS) posted a video on his official website, giving a look back at his films to date and ending with a small tease of his upcoming film, 31. While Zombie mentioned perhaps leaving the genre behind for a bit to focus on his hockey film, THE BROADSTREET BULLIES, it seems like Rob had a change of heart, something I’m pretty excited about.

Recently mentioning that the film will be more in tune with THE DEVIL’S REJECTS than his recent LORDS OF SALEM or HALLOWEEN films, Rob also signed on to direct a mini-series about the Manson family (which is being written by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis), so whether we’ll see THE MANSON MURDERS or 31 first is unknown at this point, but today news broke via Zombie guitarist, John5’s Instagram page. Having already scored THE LORDS OF SALEM for Zombie, John 5 said “Well it’s official Rob has hired me to do the score to his next movie 31, I’m very honored and excited.” Sounds like a plan to me, what do you fright fiends think?

Zombie recommended fans to sign up to be on his official mailing list for upcoming info regarding 31 here.

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