TFW 2014 Review: What Sets Frightmare Apart From the Rest

As always, I had so much fun at Texas Frightmare Weekend! The convention has always been one of my favorites that I’ve ever attended, not only because they focus mainly on horror and tend to acquire amazing guests, but also because the atmosphere is so laid back and casual. Whereas some cons are filled with power hungry volunteers who abuse their power by almost actively trying to keep fans from their beloved icons, Frightmare has a much more relaxed nature. The convention itself allows picture taking, even flash photography, as long as it’s approved by the celebrity in question. People are free to roam where they please, and there’s a surplus amount of events to attend. You can visit the celebrities at their booths, pick up some horror merchandise from one of the many sellers nearby, grab a drink at the bar down the hall, or take a break and hang out in your hotel room which is located directly above the convention area. There’s several panels that take place over the weekend with various groups of celebs that represent reunions from some of our favorite movies. There’s also screenings from new, independent directors, and a dance party that happens of Friday night, with a different theme each year. This year was NIGHT OF THE DEMONS because some of the actors from the original 1988 cult classic attended Texas Frightmare.

In order to better the convention, I would suggest using some of the profits to purchase more advanced screens to watch the movies, since the screens are somewhat small for the size of the audience, which is only growing larger each year. Also, investing in better microphones or making sure the moderators seat the guests close enough to the mics would greatly improve the panels. It’s not always a problem, but some of the filmmakers are soft spoken, and it was difficult to hear at some points. However, overall, this is a veteran con in a sea of amateurs. Texas Frightmare has achieved something special: a horror con with a serene, almost music-festival-utopia calm. The atmosphere, as much as the guests, is what keeps me coming back every year for more. Loyd Cryer, the event director of Texas Frightmare, knows what he’s doing. I’ve posted a few pictures below from the convention. Check it out!!



Panel: CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON  with Ricou Browning, Julie Adams, and her son Mitch. Moderated by our own Rob Galluzzo!



Another shot from the CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON panel.


Panel: Jen & Sylvia Soska, moderated by Fangoria’s Rebekah McKendry.


CENOBITE ME  panel with Doug Bradley, Barbie Wilde, and Nicholas Vince. Moderated by Fangoria’s Chris Alexander.


 NICK KING signing a miniature version of himself as Bughuul in SINISTER. 

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