Fright Exclusive Interview with Nick King at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

get-attachment.aspx Nick King isn’t just an intriguing character because he’s the man behind the Bughuul mask — he’s also a veteran stuntman. Appearing in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, THE GREEN HORNET, THE LAST STAND, and more, King was making audiences gasp long before Scott Derrickson’s terrifying true crime thriller SINISTER. I was lucky enough to chat with Mr. Boogie himself at Texas Frightmare Weekend about his favorite stunts, his transition into the horror genre, and what’s in store for SINISTER 2. pressplaynews-sinisterI know that most know you as Bughuul from SINISTER, but it seems that you mostly started with stunt work. So, I was wondering if you always wanted to be a stunt man or if that was just something that you fell into?

Um, actually I did my first stunt job when I was eight years old, and that was what I wanted to do. And then when I graduated high school, I went to trade school for power lines and graduated and they went on a hiring freeze, so then I started doing stunts again and I haven’t looked back.

What’s the craziest stunt you’ve ever done?

On GREEN HORNET, they blew up a house with me in it.

Oh wow. You didn’t catch on fire or anything did you?

No, no. It just rung my ears a little bit. I got cut up a little bit, but it’s okay.

That’s good, you break any bones?

No, no.

Is there anybody that inspired you to do stunt work? Was there somebody as a kid that you liked to watch?

My dad was a stunt guy. He still is. Forty years.

Oh, really? What has he done stunt work for?

Everything. Everything. He just got off of JAMES BOND: SKYFALL. His first movie was the original HILLS HAVE EYES. Countless, hundreds of movies.

Is there a type of stunt work that you prefer? Like, do you like car chases, or would you rather be thrown out of a window? What’s something that you really like to do?

I mostly do car work, but I love doing wire work, ratchets, stuff like that. I like to do high falls too, they’re fun. So I prefer, I’d say mostly, high falls. get-attachment.aspxWhat’s the tallest that you’ve ever fallen from?

Uh, it was like fifty something feet. It’s not that big, but it’s okay.

That’s pretty tall. So how did you go from doing stunt work to being Bughuul in SINISTER?

I went to an audition, and it was me and eight other guys…how did I get the job, or…?

Yeah, like were you interested in moving over to doing heavy makeup and prosthetics or was it just like, someone was like, “hey, you should go check this out”?

Yeah, I actually got told to go try and audition for the movie so me and eight other guys went and he picked me.

What’s it like working with Scott Derrickson, the director?

Oh, he was really cool. He was really patient, because I kept messing up on all my scenes and he was like, alright, it’s all right, you know? So, he was really cool.

Did it take a long time to get into the character? Like, to put the outfit on and the makeup and everything?

Yeah, it took three hours to put on fully and then an hour and a half to take off.

Wow. Was there anything that you did to prepare for this role? It’s so dark. I know that the movie really scared me when I saw it.

Not really, you know after I was done putting the makeup, I would always just go sit by myself. You know, relax, be by myself, with nobody talking to me, so I could kind of get in that mood.

Yeah, isolate yourself.

Yeah, that’s what I did.

Were the kids scared of you on the set?

Yeah, the first time in L.A. when I walked through, because I came in through the dark, and I walked on the set and I walked in and they all got scared.

That’s great. So, I talked to you the other day and you said you were going to be in SINISTER 2. Can you reveal anything about that movie yet?

I have no information on it. I haven’t read the script yet, I know that everything has been done, they were just waiting on a director and they got him, but I have no idea what it’s going to be about yet.

Who’s the director that they got for SINISTER 2?

Ciaran Foy.

And you will be Bughuul again?

Yes, I will be.


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