Natty’s Top Five Mothers In Horror!

We all love our mothers, and sometimes we make jokes about loving our friends’ mothers.  Especially able to be loved, are matriarchs in horror films. The bad ones make us appreciate the moms that we were given. Even if my mother didn’t understand my obsession with wanting to dress up like Kurt Cobain every day in Junior High, at least she wasn’t Margaret White. Of course, we will always carry a special place in our hearts for the amazing, heroic moms in horror films,  I can only hope to be so brave in case my son happens to encounters a killer doll, or gets taken to another dimension. Well, since it’s currently Mother’s day today, I thought I’d share a few moms, good or bad, in what I like to call my TOP FIVE MOTHERS IN HORROR!!!



Something that really stood out to me in this film was the relationship between the family’s mother Sara, and her son. Pretty much everything she does in the film is for her son, moving closer to the hospital where he receives his treatment for his extreme health problems. If moving, and caring for a sick child wasn’t enough to cause a crazy amount of stress, she’s then forced to deal with a house that is as haunted as shit,…and I’m not talking THE HAUNTED MANSION, Eddie Murphy-starring kind of haunted. It is like ridiculous and as scary as hell haunted.

After going through absolute hell and just when you think that there’s no way you could possibly get more depressed while watching this, the house catches fire, and Sara decides to run back in, to get to her son.  The whole house fire scene is pretty effin sad, as she drags him under a table, and holds him. Definitely a perfect example of a mother doing everything she can for her child, and that’s why I acknowledge her as a great horror momma!


4.) SERIAL MOM‘s Beverly Sutphin.

Ok, so I guess this film is more of a dark comedy, but it IS about a murdering Mom, so it’s making my list. Let’s face it, if this happened in real life, and some psychotic suburban mom was going around killing people for tiny, unimportant things, it would be pretty terrifying. Actually, come to think of it, I wouldn’t be too surprised if something like this DID happen, due to my having to encounter many crazy “suburban moms” while working in a mall. Deep down, Beverly just really loves her family so much, that she is willing to…well, you know, kill a whole bunch of people,..and this woman just doesn’t stop!

What makes her so horribly great, is the fact that besides the addiction to kill, she really does seem to love her children. Anyone who harms her kids doesn’t get much love from her…hell, she even has the guts to stab Carl, the guy who stands her daughter up, with a freakin fireplace poker!!! What the hell?!  With that being said, I think we can all agree how cool it would have been if our moms decided to kill anyone who broke our hearts, or am I alone in that one, wanting my mom to be my personal hit man. Oops, I mean hit mom.


3.) CHILD PLAY‘s Karen Barclay.

One of my personal favorite horror moms has always been Mrs. Barclay. When we first meet her, she is a loving, patient mother, working hard to care for her son alone. She doesn’t even fret when Andy makes a gigantic mess of a breakfast for her (with some burnt ass toast). As the film goes on, and a psychotic doll is after her son, she becomes a strong, female warrior. Sure, Chucky being introduced into her child’s life was kind of her fault, I suppose it was a nice gesture and all, but come on…don’t buy things from creepy dudes in alleys!

When Chucky comes alive and is acting the fool, she does what every mother should do, brutally kicking the doll’s ass and helping her son. All mothers would be willing to fight anyone who bullies their child, but no mother wants to imagine having to take down a short, plastic, robotic skeleton looking creature. Most mothers usually tend to ask themselves “Is this even happening right now?” during extremely stressful parenting situations, so I could imagine Karen asking herself the same thing, while trying to keep a very angry (and on fire) Chucky in a fireplace. Being a parent is no easy task on its own. Being one is especially hard, when you have an evil, potty-mouthed doll trying to bite your face off.


2.) CARRIE‘s Margaret White.

Oh dear, sweet Margaret. Her mothering skills would probably make Shirley Phelps nervous, and she is clearly to blame for Carrie being as weird as shit. Any normal mom would give their daughter a box of kotex and possibly a tasty chocolate bar in the event of a sudden menstruation attack, but not our Margaret. Instead, she locks Carrie in a closet, because nothing cures a humiliating moment like some quality alone time, right? If that’s not bad enough, let’s talk about what a downer she is when her daughter finally gets asked to the prom. Instead of being happy and supportive for Carrie, she proceeds to buzzkill the whole situation by lecturing her on what teenage boys are after (instead of her finding out like the rest of us). When all is said and done, does Margaret finally come around? No, instead of chilling out after being an insane, slightly annoying, and extremely creepy mom, she then stabs and attempts to kill her own child! Yeah, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that we all should be glad that our moms weren’t anything like Margaret White, but if you DID have a mom like her, hopefully you got some sweet telekinesis skills out of it.


1.) POLTERGEIST‘s Diane Freeling.

Being a mother can be a scary yet rewarding adventure. It’s probably ONLY scary if you have to deal with trees that come to life, the creepiest clown toy of all time, and your young child getting trapped in a ghost-filled other dimension,…that probably takes away much of the rewarding aspects of parenting. The Freeling patriarch, Diane, does what any loving mom would do in the same situation, agreeing to go into a not so pleasant place to get her little Carol Anne back, not even thinking twice about it. She has her child on her mind, and will stop at nothing to get her, even if it involves the scariest situation imaginable. I’d like to think that we all have mothers who would do something like that to save us, I mean, could you imagine your friends trying to help you come back, after falling into another dimension? Probably not. Sure, they might throw down some snacks and comic books to keep us entertained, but hell no, they wouldn’t go in there to help. The character of Diane proves that a mother’s love is unconditional, even when your house is built over an Indian burial ground, and you get kidnapped by a group of douchebag ghosts. She ties a rope around her waist, and rescue her baby. I’m pretty sure anybody’s mom would do the same, but if not, then at least while being stuck down there, you’d make a whole lot of super energetic spirit friends, right?


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