“You Can’t Keep A Good Guy Down”: Natty’s TOP FIVE CHUCKY MOMENTS


At the wee age of four, my grandfather thought it would be a great idea to let me watch CHILD’S PLAY. I remember sitting down in a plastic lawn chair in the middle of the living room (I was a rebel), while I sipped on some apple juice. Not only did it blow my mind, but I was so inspired by the film, that a few months later on a play date, I stabbed another child in the back with a rusty railroad spike, saying “My name is Chucky…wanna play?” seconds before the stab. Luckily, due to the rust, the spike was dull and there wasn’t any blood or lasting damage, but it was enough to get me grounded from horror films for a few years. As an adult, I’ve moved on from stabbing kids and quoting CHILD’S PLAY while doing so, but I’ve never moved on from my love of Chucky. To anyone reading this who shares the same love for this little, blood thirsty redhead, I’m your friend till the end!!  Here are my TOP FIVE CHUCKY MOMENTS!!!


5.)  The creepy Chucky sex scene from BRIDE OF CHUCKY.

Yeah, if you were a fan of the CHILD’S PLAY films as a child, this scene probably ruined your life. It only makes my list because it’s so disturbing, and completely weird for a number of reasons: 1) There are two dolls…and these dolls are banging. 2) One of the dolls just so happens to be Chucky…the doll who has given kids so many traumatizing nightmares growing up. The film itself is different compared to the other films before it, and we get to see a side of Chucky that we’ve never seen before. He went from a murdering jerk, to a romantic, murdering jerk. Seconds before the doll sex, he does a very un-Chucky like thing by admitting his love for Tiffany, and then gives her a ring,..but of course, the ring is right off of a dead woman’s severed finger. Although, the Tiffany/Chucky mating scene is brief (literally), it still happens, and it is still quite memorable. To me, it was like seeing someone like Leatherface, or Michael Myers getting it on, except if they somehow got lucky, I hope it wouldn’t lead to a creepy, plastic puppet-baby. Or worse, it could possibly lead to something like SEED OF CHUCKY.


4.) The dinner scene in CURSE OF CHUCKY

There are quite a few scenes that I loved in CURSE OF CHUCKY. One scene that really stood out to me was the awkward yet suspenseful moment while everyone is eating chili. Chucky decided to put a damper on the night by slipping rat poison into one of the bowls when Nica and Alice weren’t looking, and before they start feasting, we know that it’s there. The whole time is spent trying to figure out who received the tainted bowl (secretly, I was hoping Barb would get it). For a while they make it seem like Alice will get it, which makes the scene pretty creepy, given that she’s a small child. It doesn’t take long for us to figure out that it is actually the priest, Father Frank, that ends up being the unfortunate victim, and ass if ingesting rat poison wasn’t enough, his instant illness causes him to become a victim of a gory…and I mean gory car accident.  Only Chucky would be able to pull off a stunt where he pretty much causes a person to “double die”, first with the poison, and then a fatal accident from the effects of said poison. A combination of the mystery and suspense, with an expected graphic scene packed with blood, and a random decapitation, pretty much makes this one of the coolest scenes in this satisfying, and entertaining flick.


3.) Chucky’s death in CHILDS PLAY 3

I always get a kick out of every single Chucky death scene in the franchise. In CHILD’S PLAY, it freaks me the hell out. He is set on fire, and then still comes after Karen and Andy, while looking like something that would be found in many nightmares all around the world. CHILD’S PLAY 2 brings something a little different to the end of Chucky’s reign terror, pretty much becoming something that belongs on a Garbage Pail Kids card. CHILD’S PLAY 3 has an interesting ending. Sure, it’s kind of weird that it takes place in a haunted house in a carnival, but hey it’s still pretty entertaining (and weird). First of all, I would like to know why the hell there is a scythe in the ride that is so sharp, that it comes down and slices off a good chunk of Chucky’s face, without any acknowledgment of the fact that it’s the most un-safe ride ever. It did work out in Tyler and Andy’s favor…so guess that tiny detail could get overlooked.  With part of his face missing, Chucky is pretty scary, and very determined to possess Tyler while he is knocked out. Tyler is probably wondering why the fuck he decided to open the Good Guys doll that wasn’t his, because now things aren’t looking too great for him, but Ah!, here comes Andy, seizing the moment and shooting off one of Chucky’s arms in a really intense slow motion moment. Like he usual, he comes back, but of course Andy and Tyler aren’t having it, and it turns bad for Chucky as he is thrown into a fan (another prop that is deadly and hidden in this house) and the dangerous dolly instantly becomes plastic chunks.


2.) You’ve been very naughty, Miss. Kettlewell- CHILD’S PLAY 2

For me, one of the most memorable death scenes in this film, is the death of Miss Kettlewell. First off, there’s a good amount of suspense when she is in the closet. We know he is hiding in there, but obviously she doesn’t, she’s too busy being annoyed, and trying to find Andy. Secondly, quite a few things in the closet move, fall, or startle her. She doesn’t  see it coming when she gets stabbed by a tiny plastic person, with an air pump. She falls down on the desks, looking back to see what attacked her, and what does she see? One of the creepiest sights in the film: a scary ass doll walking towards her. The look on his face as he walks up to her, is hands down one of my favorite scenes in the film. One minute she’s trying to find Andy, and the next minute she gets beaten to death by a crazy-looking doll, who decides to choose a ruler for a weapon. Assuming this is real life, I would really want to know what it would say on her death certificate. I’m sure I am not the only person that has thought about this, or maybe I am. Either way, if you have seen this scene, you remember it, and if you didn’t put a lot of thought into how frightening Chucky’s face is for the entire scene, you will now.


1.) No Batteries?: CHILD’S PLAY

Besides Chucky’s death scene, one of my favorite and in my opinion, one of the most memorable scenes from this film would definitely be the moment Karen Barclay discovers that Chucky has been talking, and interacting with Andy, without batteries. The look on Karen’s face when she shakes the box and the batteries fall to the floor is priceless, and if that wasn’t enough to make you pee in your pants the first time you watched this movie, then you probably did when she turned around to see Chucky sitting in her living room, without a care in the world. She decides to do what most people wouldn’t do, which is walking over to do a battery check on the doll. To her surprise (and terror) Chucky doesn’t have any batteries in his compartment, but Karen doesn’t even have a chance to process what is happening, thanks to Chucky spinning his head around Regan style, and saying “My name’s Chucky, wanna play?”, before immediately rolling under the couch when he’s dropped to the floor. Now, any normal person would be out there in less than .5 seconds, hell, any normal person would have ran out when they realized the sketchy doll they bought in an alley was able to talk and move without any batteries,..but not Karen, she decides to get him out from under the couch to give him a little shake. I enjoy this scene, because it is right before all hell breaks loose. Chucky attacks Karen, and an epic showdown between mother, and doll takes place. In my opinion, I think it is a horrifying set-up, to a great ending.

What are your favorite Chucky moments?

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