FRIDAY THE 13TH Gains V/H/S and THE SIGNAL Director David Bruckner!

Now this is an unexpected, but excitingly inspired choice! We’ve known for some time now that Paramount has a set (i.e short) amount of time to produce more FRIDAY THE 13TH films, and have been fast-tracking a reboot with Platinum Dunes once again producing for March 15th, 2015. We’re now one step closer to seeing Jason stalk the campgrounds of Camp Crystal Lake with the hiring of  V/H/S (his opening segment “Amateur Night” is wildly creepy) and THE SIGNAL filmmaker David Bruckner!

This is great simply because Bruckner is an indie filmmaker. He’s not a music video director, or someone being recycled from the Platinum Dunes wheelhouse. Bruckner’s cut his teeth on independent genre films, and Dunes’ hiring shows tons of promise of what they’ll be doing differently with their second go-round. No word on if the found footage approach is still being pursued, but more info should start to trickle out now that things are progressing.

What do you want to see in a new FRIDAY THE 13TH film? Let us know below!

2 Responses to “FRIDAY THE 13TH Gains V/H/S and THE SIGNAL Director David Bruckner!”
  1. SMITH says:

    Found footage has gotz ta go!

  2. Shad Youngblood says:

    I want to see one set in the winter.

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