Here we go! It’s Friday, time to kick back and enjoy the weekend and what better way than by cranking a killer tune to set the mood?! This post was inspired by artist Kawehi. Have you heard of her yet? In the last several weeks, she became an Internet sensation with her beautiful reinterpretation of Nirvana‘s single “Heart Shaped Box.” I love every thing about it! (Including her! Marry me, please? Dammit, she’s already married.) But on the Esquire article where I originally discovered her, they also embedded a cover of Nine Inch Nail‘s “Closer.” I’ve always been a huge, huge fan of Trent Reznor and company, and I enjoyed the hell out of their most recent album ‘Hesitation Marks’ (the vinyl mix is excellent, by the way), but hearing this cover got me to re-appreciate “The Downward Spiral” again. I even have an instrumental version of that entire album!

The “Closer” music video is still something to marvel over. It was very unique for MTV at the time that it initially aired and was pushing the envelope of what could be seen on regular television. I mean, the chorus has the “F” word in it repeatedly and yet was one of the biggest hits of that year & constantly on the radio. It’s also worth mentioning that the video was directed by Mark Romanek, who later went on to do the creepy dramatic thriller ONE HOUR PHOTO, NEVER LET ME DOWN and we almost saw his version of THE WOLFMAN remake a few years back. He reunited with Reznor for “The Perfect Drug” music video, which has a SHINING-esque vibe to it, but for now, let’s celebrate his video for “Closer” in it’s UNCUT form! Underneath that, you’ll find Kawehi’s cover of “Closer” as well. Enjoy and have a great weekend, fiends!

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