Fright Exclusive Interview: CAMP DREAD/SLEEPAWAY CAMP’s Felissa Rose!


Felissa Rose became known to horror fans as Angela, the camper-turned killer in  the classic slasher film, SLEEPAWAY CAMP. A long time friend of Icons (read our previous, in depth interview with her here), Felissa was nice enough to answer a few short questions from us, regarding her new role in CAMP DREAD, hitting DVD on April 15th via Image Entertainment. Read on!

CAMP DREAD marks a return to the camp horror setting that you’re well known for, was that something that attracted you to the project?

It was definitely an exciting part of the project for me but the script was fantastic! I loved the part of Rachel and I felt the twists and turns added a lot of excitement too. And then when I heard that Eric Roberts and Danielle Harris were on board, I flipped out and couldn’t wait to start shooting! The whole cast is tremendous:) I feel very lucky to be a part of this project. 

The film had great little nods to films to SLEEPAWAY CAMP and similar types of slasher films, what is about that era of films that you think made such a huge mark on horror fans?

I truly believe it was that era. Camp films were so fun, teenagers just going wild and being typical kids. Once you throw in a maniac the audience goes crazy! We were definitely more naive at that time and hadn’t yet seen the antics of a killer on the loose, on that terrain, so it made for a fun ride. The 80’s were awesome!. It was so much more innocent! Those teens didn’t have cells and they weren’t “Hollywood” good looking! Lol.

Aside from just starring in horror films, you’ve been pretty outspoken about your love for the genre, and have attending quite a few conventions to meet your fans. What is about the genre and its fans that stands out to you?

I love horror movies because they excite and keep the adrenalin pumping. The people who support this genre are so loyal and supportive. We have a “family” like bond because of these films that bring us together. It’s fascinating to be at the cons just to talk about the movies that have made such an impact on our lives. Horror is done with passion and creativity like no other genre. The best people come out and are so wonderful and caring! I’m very grateful!

CAMP DREAD really deals with themes like the public’s desire to watch reality shows and also how people are just dying to be famous, what is about those themes that spoke to you when joining the project?

Well, like most people, I love understanding why people do the things they do. It’s always crazy to me what people will do for money and fame. Living with integrity is way more interesting to me. As far as this film and subject matter goes, it’s such a wonderfully complex script. All of the little nuisances have really made this film stand apart from other slashers. Most people are very voyeuristic and just the way the leading character, Julian, watches his prey, we as a society are always doing the same with reality tv. Reality tv is a dirty secret that has become such a phenomenon because we love watching others do exactly as we do or the complete opposite and the madness that ensues. I was drawn to the project because of the characters and I love analyzing people’s motives and how they can manipulate, especially in this industry. I loved how Harrison dealt with all these crazy, troubled people. I’m also a fan of some reality tv, especially when it benefits the good in life.

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