Season two of FEARnet‘s horror-sitcom HOLLISTON hits Bluray April 8th, and fans of the show who haven’t caught the second outing yet can expect the same hybrid of comedy and horror references, mixed with the first season’s genre cameos, multiplied by twenty…and that’s not a bad thing.


Season two of HOLLISTON amps up everything fans loved about the first season. While the laugh track was something that continually took me out of the first season, season two’s continuous hilarious moments and surprisingly heartfelt ones made the laugh track something that didn’t even occur to me at times. Episodes like one that featuring the gang trying to make a ‘found footage’ film, and how terrible they are at it, just shows that Green’s comedic writing has really grown between seasons. Also a welcomed addition, is the onslaught of guest appearances this season. Genre faves like Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris and even David Naughton (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON) put the gang into some really interestingly funny situations, and what’s great about those appearances, is how against type they are. Hodder, known for playing Jason and Victor Crowley, plays a version of himself so defeated by the recasting of Jason in FREDDY VS. JASON, that he’s suicidal and emotionally wrecked. Harris plays a version of herself, called in as a favor by Hodder, to star in Adam and Joe’s SHINPADS short, but spends the whole episode trying to score pills off of Green and the episode ends with a pretty interesting predicament.

What makes season two of HOLLISTON so enjoyable, is how easy it is to relate to. Horror fans have at one time or another, been people like Adam and Joe, trying to accomplish their dreams, and loving the genre which those dreams fall into. It’s easy to like the characters, which makes each episode easy to love and to laugh at.

While season one might have been the gang testing the waters and seeing what did and didn’t work, season two of HOLLISTON is full of funny, and endearing moments, and is as solid as a comedy show could be, full of hilarious lines, razor-sharp dialogue, and enough references to please even the most fanatical horror fan.



  • Cast Commentaries on each episode
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel – A short collection of mess ups and ad-libs that one would expect from Green and co. Funny stuff.
  • Behind the Scenes – ¬†another short little epk like doc, this one focusing on the shooting aspects of the show.
  • The Christmas Special episode – the episode bridging seasons one and two together, revolving around the gang being stuck inside without power, with a killer on the loose and with a heartfelt moment between Adam and Corri.
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