BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – Strapping Young Lad: “Love?”

April marks the 10 year anniversary of Icons Of Fright and we’re doing all sorts of fun things to celebrate! That includes bringing back some columns from the past and one that I always enjoyed doing was the “Song Of The Week” bit. Nothing too fancy. I just liked to share one rockin’ tune first thing Friday morning to help get your weekend going and before you tackled all the other “real” horror news out there. I haven’t posted one of these since June of 2013 (!) so if we’re bringing it back, let’s come back strong! This week’s pick is the heavy rockin’ song “Love?” by Strapping Young Lad from their album “Alien!” Why this particular video? Well, it’s directed by none other than Joe Lynch. Yes, that Joe Lynch! Director of ‘WRONG TURN 2,’ ‘KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM’ and the upcoming ‘EVERLY’ & star of the FEARNET original series ‘HOLLISTON.’ We discussed this video way back when we first chatted with Joe for Icons back in this 2007 interview. And the coolest thing about it is it’s a loving homage to Sam Raimi’s splat-masterpiece EVIL DEAD!

Turn your volume up and enjoy!

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Danzig “How The Gods Kill”
“Dwight Twilley Band “Looking For The Magic”

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