Natty’s Five Funny Scenes In Serious Horror Films!


I am a huge fan of laughing at movies, and I love to be scared. However, when those two are combined into the same movie, results can be somewhat awkward. Although I am a huge fan of the whole “so bad it is funny and cool” aspect of cheesy horror films, it’s always weird when it is a serious horror movie meant to scare the hell out of you, with an unnecessary laughable scene mixed in unintentionally. Whether you laugh with me or not, we can all agree that some unfortunate situations can be funny..or maybe I’m just evil. Either way, here are FIVE HILARIOUS SCENES IN SERIOUS HORROR FILMS, read on!




Ahh yes. When you really think about it, CARRIE is not only a classic among us horror fans, but it also has its share of frightening moments. Depending on how you look at it, the “plug it up” scene may be frightening. But if you’re a jerk, you laughed. Sure, we are supposed to see a poor, young girl getting harassed and humiliated…but at the same time, we see maxi pads and tampons being thrown at a very naked Sissy Spacek.  Also, the first time I watched this, I was genuinely freaked out.  Mostly because I was a teenage girl at the time, and I would have been devastated if I were on the wrong end of the tampon throwing, and the thought of anyone getting treated that way was appalling. Apparently I was a better human being back then, because now I can’t get past this scene without a few laughs. Not at her being tormented, but just the situation. I could never see something like this happening in real life because anyone getting tampons and maxi pads thrown at their head would probably be confused and annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I do sympathize with her. I mean, she actually thinks she is dying, and no one helps her. So she freaks out, and the terrible teenage girls decide to throw feminine products at her while chanting “Plug it up!”  Because apparently, that is the best that the girls could come up with. Poor Carrie, first her peers torment her, and then her mother refers to her boobs as “dirty pillows.”



Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one that notices this wonderful scene in FRIDAY THE 13TH. Yes, I know it is not really an entire scene, maybe a few seconds of a scene, but still it happens.  Actually, the entire fight scene between Pamela Voorhees and Alice Hardy is so ridiculous, it is bound to get some laughs by most viewers. The fight is so over the top, it is almost unbelievable how exaggerated it is. We witness a slap contest, followed by some rough on the ground wrestling, then boom! Alice hits Pamela right in the baby (or Jason) maker with the end of a shotgun. Somehow this causes Mrs. Voorhees to howl in pain and keel over like she is in a clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos.   As a woman, I understand that being kicked or hit anywhere will hurt. The crotch area is no exception. But this scene always makes me yell out “Seriously?!”  I almost feel like my laughter increases with every viewing, because I notice a new hilarious kick or slap that I didn’t notice before.  Oh but I always notice the smashing of the imaginary family jewels. If you haven’t noticed this before, make a note of it and stay on the lookout during your next viewing.




Yeah I know, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is pretty hilarious the entire time. Well, besides being one of the greatest movies ever made. (Just my personal opinion) One scene that stands out in particular that is actually supposed to be serious, but still came out humorous, is the part where Burt, Frank, and Freddy are trying to get rid of the evidence appeared after Frank and Freddy found out what was really in those barrels. You know the stuff that slowly and agonizingly turns them into zombies? Well, another downfall is they also reanimated the cadaver in the freezer. Once they realized there was no way to kill the cadaver zombie, they did what anyone would do and chopped it up and hoped that Ernie the mortician would cremate it for them. I know, it is already funny. But the funny level on this situation is intensified when Ernie asks Burt what is in the bags. With the way they are wiggling and jumping around, the best excuse Burt can give him is that there are “Rabid Weasels” in the bag. Wait…what? Weasels? And why the hell does he whistle when he says weasels? Whatever logic was behind that, we can all admit that it is so ridiculous it is funny. It also gets funnier when Burt finally admits that he is fibbing, and says “Those aren’t weasels in the bags.” A combination of the weirdest excuse ever, mixed with the unnecessary whistling, makes this a funny scene in my book.



My next laughable scene takes place in TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. If you have seen this, you probably know what I am talking about and you probably share my dislike and confusion for this. If you haven’t seen it, you don’t have to anymore and you are very welcome. The scene I am talking about is at the very end of the film. After a mess of unfortunate events, including the strange one that Heather doesn’t even find out about. That event being the affair between her boyfriend and best friend. And of course after Leatherface trying to slice her up like a loaf of bread, there is a change of heart when it is discovered that they are cousins. Um. Ok. Sure. There is a change of heart between the two, and Heather decides she is Team Leatherface. She even goes as far as joining him in a kill, and of course aids in another when she give him the chainsaw he needs to finish off Mayor Hartman, but not before she spews the cheesiest line of all time: “Do your thing Cuz!” Oh, ok makes sense. Why wouldn’t someone call one of the scariest guys of all time Cuz? And because of this (and a few other scenes I won’t get into) I laughed so hard that it hurt.




*Editor’s note: Due to ZOMBIEZ being pretty much as low budget as it gets, there isn’t a single poster for the film to be found online, so alas, I spent five minutes and made one, which is what you see above. -Jerry

Ok. Before I go any further I have to warn you about this one. It is a movie called ZOMBIEZ. I also think it could possibly be one of the worst movies ever made. It was intended to be a serious film, but I don’t think anyone watching could take it seriously. Regardless of how hilarious the entire movie is without intending to be funny, there is one scene in particular that I simply could not handle. To those who are fortunate enough to have never seen this one, the film is about a group of “gangsta” zombies who are terrorizing a young woman, and whoever else they come in contact with. Not only are the zombies very much alive, and I mean they aren’t even undead, they are a bunch of dudes who can hold conversations, shoot guns, and think like a regular human. Yeah. Horrible. In the middle of the film, for no reason at all, there is a guy in a bright yellow chicken suit pacing back and forth, and clucking. Meanwhile, the main zombie is sitting in a chair, shooting a gun in his direction. This goes on for a good five minutes before he finally shoots the giant chicken. Do they ever mention why it is happening? No. Does it have a purpose in the storyline? Absolutely not. I know they tried to make a serious film, but there is no way that can happen when you mix chicken suits and zombies.

What are some of your favorite hilarious scenes in serious horror films?

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