Following three previous episodes full of some solid storytelling, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series starts its fourth episode, “Let’s Get Ramblin’” with Freddie heading towards the border, the Gecko brothers covering up the mutilated body of the bank teller, and a short flashback involving Jacob, preaching to his former congregation. Present day, Kate Fuller, driving the family RV, heads towards the closest motel, which just happens to be “the Dew Drop”, where the Gecko brothers are staying, and where Seth is currently trying to his best to sit through Richie’s odd and foreboding explanations of his visions and why he murdered the bank teller. Creeped out, Seth leaves the motel room, and is almost hit by the Fuller’s RV, giving him the idea of hijacking the family to get across the border. Freddie finally gets his superiors to back him up on his hunt for the Geckos, and when he pulls into a gas station, he feels an odd power coming from the carved knife of Richie’s, that Freddie now has.

Back at the motel, Jacob tries his best to reach Kate and apologize for his almost hitting her with the RV, but she tells him that she doesn’t trust him anymore and quickly leaves to take a swim in the pool. While Jacob tries to sleep and Scott is about to jam on his guitar, Richie and Seth knock on the door, and hit Jacob in the face, taking him and Scott hostage. Recalling how badly the last time he left Richie alone with someone in a motel room, Seth sends Richie to get Kate from the pool, where she reads an email, detailing the events that occurred the night that Jacob and his wife had their car crash. The report states that Jacob was not intoxicated, and that the car’s breaks were fine, telling Kate that Jacob has been hiding something. Kate jumps in the pool, as Richie walks up, and sees in his mind, Kate lifeless in a pool of blood. After snapping out of it, Richie talks to Kate for a bit, before creeping her out by telling her that her mom never had migraines (earlier in the episode, Kate recalled a time when her mother was sick and Jacob had told her it was just migraines), and Richie goes after her. In the motel, Jacob isn’t too receptive to Seth’s insisting that they all go together, but after Seth threatens Scott’s life, Jacob backs down.


Freddie recalls his third day of being a ranger, and a bust that almost went wrong, until McGraw saved Freddie by shooting the criminal in the neck, spraying blood all over Freddie. While stopped at a stop sign thinking of that, the knife begins to give Freddie an odd feeling, and when he tries to open it, the knife slices into his wrist and Freddie sees the man that McGraw shot sitting next to him, telling him that he has something that doesn’t belong to him (the knife) and that he needs to return it to its owner, the path to the owner being on “Lagrimas”. Freddie’s vision ends, and he sees ‘Lagrimas’ on a street sign, and after driving that way, he comes across the Big Kahuna Burger that Seth’s ex is still at, holding a gun to the cop who almost busted Seth in episode three. Freddie shows her photos of Richie’s murders and after telling her that he’ll get Richie away from Seth, she tells Freddie where the brothers are at.


Freddie and a couple of cops arrive at the motel, just as the Geckos and the Fuller family are about to leave and absolute hell breaks loose, and after a pretty epic gun battle, the cops are killed, Richie and the Fullers make it to the RV and we’re given a pretty badass showdown between Seth and Freddie on the roof of the hotel, resulting in both them crashing onto the roof of the RV, Freddie getting injured and the Geckos/Fullers getting away.

Let’s Get Ramblin‘ ” was in my opinion, the best episode thus far, giving viewers one hell  of an ending. Jacob’s guilt over the death of his wife and how it’s affecting his children really showcases the acting chops that Robert Patrick’s always had, the guy chews up every scene he’s in. The real star of episode four though is Zane Holtz, as his portrayal of Richie is as always, in top form. The scene towards the end, when the cops, Freddy and the Geckos are in the middle of a shootout, goes from a fast-paced and tightly edited action scene, to something that’s somewhat scary, as Richie shoots doorknobs and kicks in the dividing doors between motel rooms with a look of absolute murder on his face. Holtz really shines when he’s doing his own thing, not retreading familiar Tarantino dialogue (and we do get some throwbacks to the film’s lines here and there). In fact, the entire cast are really killing it with the show thus far, making it their own, instead of the same ol’ movie to show catastrophe that viewers get so very often.

Where the show is going from here on out, is somewhat known to anyone who has seen the film version, but the sidesteps here and there within the show make it somewhat of a mystery as to how the characters will end up, as it seems that Rodriguez and co. are really making FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series its own entity…and thankfully so.

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