Exploitation Alley: INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS!!



I am not over exaggerating when I say that the first words out of my mouth immediately following my viewing of this EXPLOITATION ALLEY film was “Wtf did I just watch?! No, really…what was this?!” I found myself trying to process what I had just seen, and trying to make some sense out of the plot. Nope. Nothing made sense about this. I lied in bed staring at the ceiling for a few minutes and started re-evaluating my taste in films, and thinking about how I need to watch something good to make up for what I just watched. Did I appreciate every second of the strange cinema I had just gazed at? Oh hell yeah I did. I saw boobs, butts, terrible acting, awful special effects, and excessive nudity. So yeah, I saw exactly what I would expect to see in a movie called INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS. Now, if you have seen this before then you should know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t, well then I highly suggest you stop whatever you are doing and watch this. At least give it a chance to see what all the BUZZ is about. Get it? Bees and Buzz? No? Ok…let’s do this!!!

INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS was directed by Denis Sanders, and released in 1973. The plot is a little…oh ok it is way out there. In a small town where most of the guys seem hornier than usual, no really for some reason they are and it is also pointed out later in the film that the men are promiscuous and into partner-swapping. In other words, they were guys. The film starts off with an unfortunate event, Professor Grabowski is found dead in a hotel room. He appears to have died after some ravenous love making. It seems like a normal occurrence due to his age, but there is some concern when a much younger man suffers the same fate. In comes Agent Neil Agar (William Smith), because apparently an Agent needs to come investigate this death by sex situation. Neil gets in touch with the local Police captain, who just so happens to look like if Ron Jeremy were a Muppet. If you stopped reading this so you can immediately watch the film and see exactly what a Ron Jeremy Muppet looks like, then I forgive you. To everyone else who doesn’t care about what that would look like or can wait, let’s move on. Agent Neil contacts Professor Grabowski’s assistant Julie Zorn (Victoria Vetri) to aide him in the investigation. Julie works at the Brandt Facility where they do extensive research with atomic power and genetics, of course.  Eventually, after a series of confusing scenes, it is obvious that Dr. Susan Harris (Anitra Ford) is behind the gruesome killings. After she does her thing with another Brandt scientist named Herb, he of course dies from the really awkward sex that happens between them, while another Bee lady calls his wife and tells her it is urgent that she goes to the lab to help her husband. While she is there, she is taken by the Bee ladies, and the way they turn her into one of them is priceless. I can’t even describe it in here due to the graphic nature, and the fact that it is so ridiculous I simply cannot put it into words. If you watch it, you will know what I mean. Then of course after quite a few more scenes that don’t really serve a purpose, the mystery of what the Bees girls are, and why they do what they do is solved by exactly who you think would solve it, and there is a happy ending…or is it?

Is this a great movie that can be watched over and over again? Absolutely not. It will provide some groovy entertainment for those brave enough to endure it. This film may also be a lot of fun with a group of friends, assuming all your friends are way into the whole so bad it is good side of film. Whether you love it or hate it, we can all agree that this little gem has terrible acting mixed with a good amount of nudity, and that should be just fine with anyone cool enough to appreciate the magnificent Exploitation genre.


3 thoughts on “Exploitation Alley: INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS!!

  1. Natty, now go on Netflix and watch BARRACUDA so you can complete your trip thru obscure nature gone killer wild flicks, and enjoy government conspiracies and fish you almost never see. Then top it off with the Corman “classic” THE WASP WOMAN, which is not nearly as cool as its misleading poster.

  2. Oh wait. You already watched it!

    If ever you decide to bring back Mike C’s trilogy picks in its proper form, I suggest you go with the bizarre triumvirate I mentioned.

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