Exploitation Alley: THE MINI-SKIRT MOB!!


I was drawn to the film I chose for EXPLOITATION ALLEY for two reasons: the poster looks cool, and the words “mini” and “skirt” are in the title. So my love for vicious, beautiful female motorcycle gangs sparked my curiosity and I caved in. I am glad I did. I expected a cheesy, over-acted, and hilarious film involving a group of pissed off ladies. I was wrong. I am glad I gave this one a chance, and you should too. So let us go back to a great era for psychedelic dancing, and tough women who know how to party. And while we are at it, we can applaud director Maury Dexter for making a great film…it is time for THE MINI-SKIRT MOB!

For some reason, I am intrigued by movies that have their own theme songs. I am especially happy about the ones that have a theme song that has absolutely nothing to do with the film, except for the title. Not only did the song not match the film, but it was really happy, and positive. It was then I realized that I may have made a mistake, and that I was about to watch a really terrible film. Instead, I got a great action movie, with subtle horror elements. The film starts out with a newly married couple enjoying their wedded bliss in an R.V. They are approached by a co-ed gang of…and I know this sounds odd but you really have to see it for yourself mod, redneck, bikers. Yeah. Go watch it right now. However, if you still need convincing, allow me to continue. So after the unnecessary chipper song, we meet newlyweds Jeff (Jeremy Slate) and Connie (Sherry Jackson). Their “honeymoon” is cut short when a very jealous Shayne (Diane McBain) brings some rowdy characters to party outside of their R.V love shack. Shayne makes it super obvious that she had a sexy past with Jeff, she even makes it a little awkward for everyone, but she is ready and willing to destroy Jeff and Connie simply for getting hitched. After a biker takes it a little too far by forcing Connie to kiss him, the bikers decide to party elsewhere while the lovely couple decide to continue on their honeymoon like nothing weird happened. Then of course the bikers have a very non-biker like dance scene. The amount of polyester and denim moving around together in perfect harmony is unlike anything you will ever see in your life. Unless you have spent a lot of time watching Elvis movies, then yeah you have probably seen it a few times. Shayne decides annoying the couple was just not enough, she needs to physically assault them and she does it with a little help from her friends. Then the movie decides to take a darker turn, and become somewhat of a horror story. After a few unfortunate events, Jeff and Connie find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere, their tires slashed, and surrounded by a few of the crazier bikers who feel perfectly fine shooting at them for trying to escape. When you think there is no hope, an interesting and very sad twist happens, in a way it kind of changes the mood of the film into a drama.

A couple of words that I would use to describe this film would be “surprising” and “entertaining.” I expected a cheesy, predictable, tough woman gang flick, and I got some of that, but I wasn’t expecting half of what was in the movie. Overall I enjoyed it, and I am definitely making this one a staple in my Exploitation genre collection.

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