THE PURGE: ANARCHY’s Teaser Trailer Lives Up To Its Name!


As soon as a sequel was announced for last years home invasion-hit THE PURGE (review), the idea of where to take it was vocal and unanimous: show the widespread effect of “The Purge”‘s 12-hour legal killing spree. If this teaser trailer is any indication, that is exactly what we’re getting.

THE PURGE: ANARCHY follows a couple who’s car breaks down just as the annual tradition commences, giving them no choice to survive the night in a city teeming with eager participants. Firstly, I love that they’re taking this high-concept out into the open; something that should have happened in the first film. It opens it up to a wide assortment of possibilities, and I’m genuinely looking forward to see if it’s as chaotic as it looks.

THE PURGE: ANARCHY opens June 20, 2014.

2 thoughts on “THE PURGE: ANARCHY’s Teaser Trailer Lives Up To Its Name!

  1. Why was this couple out on the road the day of the purge? They were stupid enough to travel, knowing what was coming that night? Unbelievable.

    Even more unbelievable is that one of the establishing shots show they’re driving down a highway full of moving cars. Maybe society should be purged of all those without the foresight to avoid being out and about when a 12-hour night of psychotic cleansing is just over the horizon.

  2. This looks way better than the first movie. I like that this one is more out in the open, like you said. I’m looking forward to it!

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