THE PURGE: ANARCHY’s Teaser Trailer Lives Up To Its Name!


As soon as a sequel was announced for last years home invasion-hit THE PURGE (review), the idea of where to take it was vocal and unanimous: show the widespread effect of “The Purge”‘s 12-hour legal killing spree. If this teaser trailer is any indication, that is exactly what we’re getting.

THE PURGE: ANARCHY follows a couple who’s car breaks down just as the annual tradition commences, giving them no choice to survive the night in a city teeming with eager participants. Firstly, I love that they’re taking this high-concept out into the open; something that should have happened in the first film. It opens it up to a wide assortment of possibilities, and I’m genuinely looking forward to see if it’s as chaotic as it looks.

THE PURGE: ANARCHY opens June 20, 2014.