ATTN LA: Come See THE EXORCIST III In 35mm With Brad Dourif!


We’ve been covering Horror Movie A Day‘s screenings at the iconic revival theater New Beverly Cinema for quite some time; it single-handedly offers a a once in a lifetime experience for our Los Angeles based readers to see our favorite genre films on actual film with special guests (example: host Brian Collins recently screened the infamous Producer’s Cut of HALLOWEEN 6 in 35mm!).

This month, HMAD is bringing the maddeningly underrated THE EXORCIST III to New Bev, in 35mm, but most importantly with Brad Dourif in attendance for god sake!

It screens January 25th, at Midnight, and it’ll run you a measly $8! Order your tickets here.

One thought on “ATTN LA: Come See THE EXORCIST III In 35mm With Brad Dourif!

  1. I quote the Gemini killer on a daily basis. The first Exorcist film was by far the scariest film ever made. The Exorcist III was the most evil. Brad Dorif was incredible. I prefered this movie to Silence of the lambs. Lecter was no match for the Gemini. Thank you!

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