Cool Frights: Check Out This DAWN OF THE DEAD Screening Invite From 1978!

Imagine, you’re a horror fan in the 70s. You’ve seen all the recent gamechangers; NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY’S BABY, JAWS. You’re voracious in seeking out the latest horror film, scouring local film listings, and then your daily mail arrives. No big deal, except that a screening invite to George A. Romero’s latest is buried amongst the circulars and junk mail.

DAWN OF THE DEAD, to be specific.

Could you even fathom receiving this invite, let alone discovering it wedged in between a book at a used bookstore in New York City some 35 years later?! Most interesting is that in the invite it states that DAWN will be the second in a trilogy, showing that Romero had plans for DAY OF THE DEAD (which wouldn’t come to fruition until 1985) for quite some time. Thanks to reddit’s dedicated horror thread Dreadit for bringing this to my attention.

Check out the photos below!



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