Hammer’s New Film THE QUIET ONES Experiments With The Supernatural!


Hammer has slowed down a bit since their resurrection, but 2014 has three films coming from the legendary studio, including GASLIGHT (a drama/thriller that teams Jack The Ripper with Scotland Yard), a sequel to THE WOMAN IN BLACK titled ANGEL OF DEATH, and THE QUIET ONES!

Supernatural investigations may seem to have been mined for all they’re worth lately, however THE QUIET ONES period setting may liven things up with its classical approach to similar films of yore. Also, seeing Hammer’s logo precede a films’ opening will make even the most jaded viewer a bit more optimistic. Watch the trailer for yourself below!

THE QUIET ONES stars Jared Harris (who we’ll again see next year in the POLTERGEIST remake), and opens April 25th!


A university student and some classmates are recruited to carry out a private experiment — to create a poltergeist. Their subject: an alluring, but dangerously disturbed young woman. Their quest: to explore the dark energy that her damaged psyche might manifest. As the experiment unravels along with their sanity, the rogue PHD students are soon confronted with a terrifying reality: they have triggered an unspeakable force with a power beyond all explanation.

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