THE EVIL DEAD FX Wizard Tom Sullivan Gets An INVALUABLE Documentary!


There are a myriad of reasons as to why Sam Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD and its iconic sequels are the unequivocal-cult classics they are today, but there’s only one man responsible for the ingenious special effects wizardry on display: Tom Sullivan! The FX legend is the subject of Ryan Meade’s upcoming documentary INVALUABLE, which takes a look at the man who made it all possible.

From WITHIN THE WOODS to ARMY OF DARKNESS, INVALUABLE features just about everyone you can think of that’s linked to the legacy of THE EVIL DEAD, including Bruce Campbell, Betsy Baker, Ted Raimi, and more! Check out the trailer below, and be on the lookout for convention screenings and a DVD release once distribution is secured. “LikeINVALUABLE‘s Facebook page here for all updates!

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