Scream Factory Unmasks Full Extras For DARKMAN Collector’s Edition Blu-ray!


Scream Factory isn’t wasting any time on making 2014 another home video triumph; from now till March they have NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, CAT PEOPLE, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, WITCHBOARD, DIE MONSTER DIE, BENEATH, BAD DREAMS, VISITING HOURS, BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN ROAD, and THE NEANDERTHAL MAN gracing Blu-ray!

Today they’ve revealed the full set of extras that will be included with their Collector’s Edition release of DARKMAN, which includes brand new interview with Liam Neeson, Larry Drake, and a slew of others! This truly looks to be the most definitive edition of Sam Raimi’s cult classic, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it streets February 18th!

Bonus Features:

  • New interviews with Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand
  • New interview with Larry Drake
  • New interview with Makeup Designer Tony Gardner
  • New interviews with actors Danny Hicks and Dan Bell
  • New interviews with Production Designer Randy Ser and Art Director Philip Dagort
  • Audio Commentary with director of photography Bill Pope
  • Vintage “Making of” and interview featurettes featuring interviews with Sam Raimi, Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand and more…
  • Vintage full-length interviews with Sam Raimi, Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Galleries – Posters & production stills, Behind the Scenes, Make-up Effects and Storyboards

Synopsis: Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand star in this explosive action-packed thriller from director Sam Raimi. Dr. Peyton Westlake is on the verge of realizing a major breakthrough in synthetic skin when his laboratory is destroyed by gangsters. Having been burned beyond recognition and forever altered by an experimental medical procedure*Westlake becomes known as Darkman assuming alternate identities in his quest for revenge and a new life with a former love. Purchase:

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