THE ORPHANAGE Director J.A. Bayona To Helm WORLD WAR Z Sequel!


Paramount and Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B are moving forward with a sequel to this past summer’s tentpole WORLD WAR Z, and they’ve lined up an inspired choice with J.A. Bayona. You’ll know him as the director of the superb ghost story THE ORPHANAGE, and was recently attached to remake THE CROW before dropping out.

WORLD WAR Z‘s troubled production was thought to doom any potential success, but it didn’t seem to matter to moviegoers domestically & internationally based on its’ worldwide pull of $540,007,876. No writer or release date has been set (curious to where they’ll take it since the much publicized reshoots did away with the more sequel oriented original ending), but expect that to be announced soon.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the exclusive.


Starring international superstar Brad Pitt and based on the best-selling and wildly popular novel, WORLD WAR Z, the tense and thrilling film follows a former United Nations investigator as he helps stop the chaotic pandemic that has gripped populations around the world. WORLD WAR Z features stunning visual effects and edge-of-your-seat action and suspense that take the Zombie apocalypse phenomenon to a more extreme and electrifying level.

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