Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Hammer’s FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMEN in 2014!


For awhile, the only way to get our Hi-Def Hammer Horror fix was through Synapse Films (their BDs of VAMPIRE CIRCUS, TWINS OF EVIL, and HANDS OF THE RIPPER are essential), or importing from over the pond. Luckily that is changing thanks to Millennium Entertainment, who’ve acquired a massive bulk of the legendary studio’s catalog, and have begun to issue them onto Collector’s Edition Blu-ray’s, starting with DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS earlier this year.

The second title to be released has been confirmed, and it’s none other than the Peter Cushing-starring, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMEN! This is the first time the film will be available in HD stateside, with a slew of bonus features new & old to sweeten the deal!

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMEN street January 28th, 2014!

Bonus Features:

  • Commentary Featuring Derek Fowlds (“Johann”), Robert Morris (“Hans”) and Jonathan Rigby (Hammer Historian)
  • Frankenstein Created Woman Trailer
  • World of Hammer Episode “The Curse of Frankenstein”
  • World of Hammer Episode “Hammer Stars: Peter Cushing”
  • Brand New Documentary: “Hammer Glamour”
  • Animated Stills Gallery
  • Includes Exclusive Collectable Cards!


A tormented girl (Susan Denberg) drowns herself after her lover is framed for her father’s murder and guillotined. Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), experimenting with the transfer of souls, places her lover’s soul into her body, bringing Christina back to life. With no memories of her past life, she becomes driven by a ghostly revenge and carries out a violent retribution on those responsible for both deaths.

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