With the resurgence of anthology style horror films and the shrinking attention spans of today’s modern audience, short films are starting to become the future of filmmaking.  Shortened lengths makes films easier to share amongst friends and if someone doesn’t like the flick, they’ve only wasted a handful of minutes instead of two hours.  Director of the feature film UNIDENTIFIED, Jason R. Miller recycled some of his UFO set and made the hilarious short film, PROBED.  Starring Ed Ackerman and David Foy, PROBED looks at the lives of two men abducted by aliens and their lives as human test subjects.  Clever, funny as hell, and showcasing the talents of Foy and Ackerman, PROBED is well worth the 5:07 run time.  Luckily for Icons of Fright readers, you can watch the short film right here!

PROBED from Jason Miller on Vimeo.

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